Sypho-Spawners 1.0

Give players access to changing spawners with economy!

  1. Azmidium
    Azmidium, Xolor
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    This plugin is essentially a spawner shop, but in a different way. With any spawner, you can either right click or type in the command, and it will pull up a special menu. This menu is the bread and butter of this plugin. In this menu, from the config, you can add and remove as much items (and mobs) as you'd like. Then you can purchase any spawner type you have available.

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    Thank LTJim007, a Minecraft plugin showcaser, for doing a nice informative tutorial on my plugin, Sypho-Spawners. Send him some love by subscribing to his channel by clicking here and hitting that subscribe button!

    Sypho-Spawners Commands.png
    /syphospawner updatespawner
    Description: Opens a GUI to change a spawner with
    money. (Configurable GUI)
    Requirements: You must have the permission to use it &
    You must be looking at a spawner
    Permission: syphospawners.updatespawner

    /syphospawner reload
    Description: Reloads the plugin.
    Requirements: You must ahve the permission to use it
    Permission: syphospawners.reload

    /syphospawner addplayer <Player>
    Description: Adds a player to the spawner sign.
    Requirements: You must have the permission to use it &
    You must be looking at a spawner sign
    Permission: syphospawners.sign.addplayer

    /syphospawner removeplayer <Player>
    Description: Removes a player from the spawner sign.
    Requirements: You must have the permission to use it &
    You must be looking at a spawner sign
    Permission: syphospawners.sign.removeplayer

    right-clicking a spawner
    Description: Allows you to right click a spawner to open the GUI spawner changer
    Requirements: You must have the permission for it
    Permission: syphospawners.rightclick

    Note: The syphospawners.*
    permission gives you access to all the permissions/commands

    • syphospawners.bypass - Bypass the sign protection
    Sypho-Spawners Config.png
    Code (Text):
    # SyphoSpawners - Azmidium - v0.1
    # Links:
    # Link to MOB_TYPE list:
    # Link to ITEM_TYPE list:

    prefix: '&7&l[&c&lSypho&8&lSpawners&7&l] '
    inventory-title: '&c&lSypho&8&lSpawners &7&lMenu'
      click-for-gui: true
      hide-items-with-no-permission: true
      sign-required: false
      purchased-spawner: '&6You purchased a %entity% spawner for &e%cost%!'
      not-enough-money: '&cYou don''t have enough money!'
      no-permission: '&cYou don''t have permission to use that spawner type!'
      sign-not-found: '&cCouldn''t find sign on spawner!'
      placed-sign: '&cYou placed a sign on the spawner!'
      not-on-sign-list: '&cYou don''t have access to this spawner!'
      player-on-sign-already: '&cThat player is already on the sign!'
      spawner-reached-max-players: '&cNo more players can be added to this spawner!'
      cant-add-yourself: '&cYou can''t add yourself to the spawner!'
      player-not-found: '&cThat player isn''t online or doesn''t exist!'
      spawner-access-needed-to-add-player: '&cYou must have access to the spawner to add
        a player to it.'
      spawner-access-needed-to-remove-player: '&cYou must have access to the spawner to
        remove a player from it.'
      not-spawner-sign: '&cThat isn''t a spawner sign!'
      player-not-on-sign: '&cThat player doesn''t have access to the spawner already!'
      added-player-to-list: '&aThe player was added to the list!'
      removed-player-from-list: '&aThe player was removed to the list!'
      cant-break-sign: '&cYou can''t break a spawner sign that doesn''t belong to you!'
      cant-break-spawner: '&cYou can''t break a spawner that doesn''t belong to you!'
      sign-already-on-spawner: '&cSign was already placed on the spawner!'
      no-permission: '&cYou don''t have permission for this spawner!'
      cant-afford: '&eYou can''t afford this item!'
        PERMISSION: syphospawners.cow
        MOB_TYPE: COW
        ITEM_DISPLAY_NAME: '&7Cow'
        ITEM_DATA: 92
        ITEM_SLOT: 11
        ITEM_ENCHANTED: true
        COST: 100
        - '&6Cost: &e%cost%'
        PERMISSION: syphospawners.pig
        MOB_TYPE: PIG
        ITEM_DISPLAY_NAME: '&cPig'
        ITEM_DATA: 90
        ITEM_SLOT: 12
        ITEM_ENCHANTED: true
        COST: 150
        - '&6Cost: &e%cost%'
      prefix: '&c[Sypho&8Spawners]'

    Sypho-Spawners Dependancies.png
    This plugin requires the following to work:
    - Vault

    Sypho-Spawners Reporting Bugs.png
    If so happen you run into a bug, please don't give a bad review! The discusion section connects me to you about these issues. Please report them there, and I will have them fixed in the next update. Thank you!

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