Sypho-Spawners 1.0

Give players access to changing spawners with economy!

  1. Sypho-Spawners

    Sypho-Spawners Update.png
    This update focus's on basic fixs that I forgot to fix during the 0.2 update. Since I don't want to post an empty update I decided to add a couple new things and changes.

    I added 2 new things to the config. You can either add these things below or delete your config.yml and reload.

    New item-configuration layout:
    Note: The new ITEM_ENCHANTED option adds an enchanted glow to the item.

    New auto-lore:
    Note: The new cant-afford option adds a lore to the spawner item that you can't afford to purchase.

    I also added 1 new permission and updated something on all the permissions. The new permission I added was syphospawners.* which gives you all the permissions in the plugin. I also made all the permission default to opped players.

    Also a new logo! :D
    Sypho-Spawners Logo.png

    Hope you enjoy the new update!
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