Sypho-Spawners 1.0

Give players access to changing spawners with economy!

  1. BIG UPDATE! (Signs + Commands)

    Sypho-Spawners Update.png
    • New Signs!
    • Config Changes!
    • New Commands!
    • New Permissions!
    • Version 1.0 Completed!
    • Bug Patches/Fixes!
    Changes to the config:

    New Messages!
    Code (Text):
      sign-not-found: '&cCouldn''t find sign on spawner!'
      placed-sign: '&cYou placed a sign on the spawner!'
      not-on-sign-list: '&cYou don''t have access to this spawner!'
      player-on-sign-already: '&cThat player is already on the sign!'
      spawner-reached-max-players: '&cNo more players can be added to this spawner!'
      cant-add-yourself: '&cYou can''t add yourself to the spawner!'
      player-not-found: '&cThat player isn''t online or doesn''t exist!'
      spawner-access-needed-to-add-player: '&cYou must have access to the spawner to add
        a player to it.'
      spawner-access-needed-to-remove-player: '&cYou must have access to the spawner to
        remove a player from it.'
      not-spawner-sign: '&cThat isn''t a spawner sign!'
      player-not-on-sign: '&cThat player doesn''t have access to the spawner already!'
      added-player-to-list: '&aThe player was added to the list!'
      removed-player-from-list: '&aThe player was removed to the list!'
      cant-break-sign: '&cYou can''t break a spawner sign that doesn''t belong to you!'
      cant-break-spawner: '&cYou can''t break a spawner that doesn''t belong to you!'
      sign-already-on-spawner: '&cSign was already placed on the spawner!'
    New Sign-Settings:
    Code (Text):
      prefix: '&c[Sypho&8Spawners]'
    New Spawner-Settings:
    Code (Text):
    sign-required: false
    Changes to permissions:
    • syphospawners.bypass - Bypass the sign protection
    • syphospawners.sign.addplayer - Allows you to add players to your spawner sign
    • syphospawners.sign.removeplayer - Allows you to remove player from your spawner sign
    All the permissions above were added to syphospawners.*
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