Sypho-Spawners 1.0

Give players access to changing spawners with economy!

  1. BIG UPDATE! (Signs + Commands)

    Sypho-Spawners Update.png
    • New Signs!
    • Config Changes!
    • New Commands!
    • New Permissions!
    • Version 1.0 Completed!
    • Bug Patches/Fixes!
    Changes to the config:

    New Messages!
    Code (Text):
      sign-not-found: '&cCouldn''t find sign on spawner!'
      placed-sign: '&cYou placed a sign on the spawner!'
      not-on-sign-list: '&cYou don''t have access to this spawner!'
      player-on-sign-already: '&cThat player is already on the sign!'
      spawner-reached-max-players: '&cNo more...
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  2. Little Bugfixes

    Sypho-Spawners Update.png
    • Fixed more inventory bugs
    • Fixed ITEM_ENCHANTED toggle (Thanks DrZell for reporting this)
    Sorry for a small update again, but next update is gonna add something that has been heavily requested for this plugin through skype. Just making sure all bugs are fixed!
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  3. Sypho-Spawners

    Sypho-Spawners Update.png
    I fixed the bug where the inventory doesn't work on some servers with a rewritten variable.

    I added a new feature to the config.yml.
    This new feature allows you to hide items that you don't have permissions for.
    Here is a picture of where this setting goes.
  4. Sypho-Spawners

    Sypho-Spawners Update.png
    This update focus's on basic fixs that I forgot to fix during the 0.2 update. Since I don't want to post an empty update I decided to add a couple new things and changes.

    I added 2 new things to the config. You can either add these things below or delete your config.yml and reload.

    New item-configuration layout:
    Note: The new ITEM_ENCHANTED option adds an enchanted glow to the item.

    New auto-lore:...
  5. Sypho-Spawners

    Sypho-Spawners Update.png
    - Added permissions to each item with new configuration item! I also added a new section in the config called auto-lores which is something that is automatically added to an items lore. The one I added was no-permission, so when you look at an item in the gui, it says what you set in the config.yml. You might want to either delete your current config.yml or you can add these to your config:

    New item-coniguration layout:...
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