TAB [1.5.x - 1.14.x] REBORN 2.5.3

a free plugin don't expect much from it

    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.7
    • 1.8
    • 1.9
    • 1.10
    • 1.11
    • 1.12
    • 1.13
    • 1.14
    Source Code:
    Filip_10 (pictures, testing)
    Languages Supported:
    Any, plugin can be fully translated







    tablist-objective: HEARTS


    Two enemies are online ! Be careful !


    Note: You need PlaceholderAPI for this.





    What players see vs what staff see


    Have a good screenshot of what this plugin can do ? Share.

    • Send header/footer to players (can be per-world, per-group / per-player) (supports placeholders and animations)
    • Configurable prefix/suffix in name tags of players (no character limit if a config option is enabled) (can be per-world, per-group / per-player) (supports placeholders and animations)
    • Configurable prefix/suffix in tablist (no character limit) (can be per-world, per-group / per-player) (supports placeholders and animations)
    • Display any number near connection bars of players in tablist (ping, deaths, health, any placeholder)
    • Send BossBar messages (supports placeholders, animations and multiple BossBars on 1.9+ servers)
    • PlaceholderAPI support (relational placeholders supported too)
    • Sorting of players in tablist
    • PermissionsEx / GroupManager / LuckPerms / UltraPermissions* support
    • Per world playerlist option showing in tablist only players in the same world
    • Fully client-sided, server-side stays unaffected (scoreboards with their teams and objectives, bossbar entities)
    • Fully asynchoronous - plugin does not run in the main server thread and therefore has zero impact on your TPS
    Unique features which no other plugin has
    • An option allowing to change the name itself in name tag, make nametag prefix/suffix length unlimited even on <1.13, adding 2 additional lines into player's name tag (called abovename and belowname)
    • An option that makes players in spectator gamemode NOT get moved to the bottom of tablist with transparent name
    • An option to disable vanilla 1.9+ feature making player's name tag properties (prefix, suffix..) from appearing on their tamed and named pets (dogs, cats, even neutral animals)
    • Prefix/suffix in tablist appears instantly after joining instead of flashing from a white name
    • Offers you to see estimate plugin's cpu usage
    • Fixes client bug making name tags of invisible players visible for 1.8.x clients.
    • Relational placeholders support from PlaceholderAPI
    * only supported if Vault is installed


    Supported server versions:

    • 1.5.x []
    • 1.6.x []
    • 1.7.x []
    • 1.8.x []
    • 1.9.x []
    • 1.10.x []
    • 1.11.x []
    • 1.12.x []
    • 1.13.x []
    • 1.14.x []
    • 1.15 [] (this is to inform you that the plugin will need an update for 1.15 support)
    • Name tags: all versions
    • Unlimited nametags: 1.8+ (armor stands were added in 1.8)
    • Tablist names: 1.8+ (very limited on older versions, nametag feature is used instead)
    • Boss bar: all versions, improved on 1.9+
    • Header/footer: 1.8+
    • Belowname scoreboard: 1.6+ (earlier versions not tested)
    • Playerlist scoreboard: 1.6+ (earlier versions not tested)
    Supported platforms:
    Supported Java versions:
    • Java 8-12 []
    • Java 13 [?]
    Reloading the plugin:
    • /tab reload []
    • /plugman reload tab [] (if the jar needs to be updated while server is running)
    • /reload [] (not recommended because other plugins might not be compatible)

    Found any (in)compatibility not mentioned above ? Let me know.



    Getting started

    Developer API

    Wiki is work in progress


    • Can I use a space in command to set prefix/suffix ? Or do I need to edit it manually in the config ?
      Yes, you can use spaces in command, but the space can't be the first or last character (for example prefix "&4Admin &f" instead of "&4Admin&f " and "&f &6Suffix" as a suffix instead of " &6Suffix").

    • How to make animations work in prefix/suffix ?
      First, you need to create an animation in animations.yml file. There is a lot of examples so you should not have a problem making your own. After you create one, you need to set nametag-refresh-interval-ticks or tablist-refresh-interval-ticks (depending on where are you trying to use the animation) to lower value. If your newly created animation has refresh interval 200 milliseconds (4 ticks), set the value to 4 (not less to save cpu).

    • Can you add scoreboard function ?
      No. MVDW would go broke.

    • Do animations work in...
      Yes, animations work everywhere. In tablist header/footer, prefix/suffix, nametag prefix/suffix, bossbar and even in tablist-objective if you want. Check FAQ#2 if animations do not seem to be working.

    • Why is there a space behind my name tag ?
      You used &l in prefix or somewhere and did not end it properly. To do so, add &r after ending bold segment (for example prefix &4&lAdmin&r &6.

    • How do i make %online% not count vanished players ?
      Use %canseeonline% instead (vanished admins will still see the real count because they can see themselves obviously, but (other) players won't). Same with %staffonline% -> %canseestaffonline%.

    • Is PlaceholderAPI supported ? / PlaceholderAPI placeholders don't work ?!
      PlaceholderAPI is supported and plugin is hooking into PlaceholderAPI correctly. If some placeholder doesn't work, make sure you have appropriate expansion downloaded.
      Relational placeholders were tested and confirmed to be working by a few people too. If you still can't get PlaceholderAPI placeholders to work, you can ask for help on their discord.

    • Can i show some text in the variable next to the connection bar in tablist ? / Can i change the number's color ?
      No, there are only 2 options: yellow number and hearts. Nothing else, color cannot be changed.
      Beg mojang to allow it like you did with the 16 char prefix limit in nametag, so they removed the limit in 1.13 which makes my unlimited nametag mode pretty useless there.

    • How to make player heads visible in tablist ?
      online-mode=true in or get a plugin like AutoIn that changes some connections to online connections. There's no way a cracked player can see heads.

    • Why is my prefix in TABLIST cut or not showing at all ? / Why is my tagprefix showing in tablist ?
      You are using client 1.8.0 which has bugs and this is one of them. Update your client to a newer version (1.8.9 or newer).

    • So, i enabled unlimited nametag mode understanding it's experimental, but it doesn't seem to work. Why ?
      This thing shows nametags completely differently than vanilla. As a result, hacked clients that allow you to see your own nametag will not work for this. To see the result, you need another person to look at you. You can also use /tab ntpreview to temporarily display the text for yourself (the command is a toggle).

    • How to make the plugin compatible with glow plugins ?
      The plugin prevents any other attempts to modify player's name tag to avoid players being sorted randomly and losing prefix whenever other plugins feel like. This is mainly targeted against CMI and ViaVersion, as well as glow plugins.
      Because of that, the only way to make it compatible is to add the glow plugin's placeholder (placeholderapi needed) at the end of tagprefix so the name will have that color, such as tagprefix: "&4Admin %eglow_glowcolor%"
      If you're looking for a working and compatible glow plugin, check out eGlow.

    • How do i disable the yellow number in tablist ?
      tablist-objective: NONE
      It's mentioned in default config too.

    • I'm using a placeholder for deluxetags, but i need to type into chat once to receive one. Why ?
      Deluxetags bug.

    • Where can i find current default config ?
      By opening the jar using winrar you can see all default files.

    • How to add players to %staffonline% placeholder ?
      As mentioned on placeholders page linked above and in default config too, give them tab.staff permission

    • My Citizens NPCs are glitching into tablist, is there anything i can do about it ?
      First of all, this is NOT caused by this plugin.
      For the actual answer: No.
      Short explanation: They need to be visible in tablist to make them actually spawn and have skin.
      To successfully spawn named entity (player) for someone, they need to have info about the player, which is in tablist add packet. Because of that, plugins need to send packet to add these NPCs into tablist, then spawn them for clients. After this, they can be removed from tablist because they are already spawned. So they are. This action of quickly sending 3 packets at the same time would be impossible to notice for players, however they would have no skin. Client needs time to load the skin, after it does, player can be removed in tablist. This is why they are not removed immediately, but after a delay (which is the topic of this question).
      I'm not 100% sure why does it do this process repeatedly, my personal guess would be either because it needs to be refreshed to keep the skin or all actions resent when player goes too far and then back to NPCs to spawn them for the player again (more likely).

    • Unlimited nametag mode's armor stands are async
      These are fake entites that do not exist server side. As a result, server does not need to tick them so they have NO impact on your TPS, their teleporting is done asynchronously too and it can't affect pvp in any way (they have zero hitbox to prevent players from attacking them).

    • Report bugs properly if you want them fixed
      Bug reports in review section will be intentionally ignored and not fixed until you report them properly.

    • Plugin's refreshing tasks are fully asynchronous and have no impact on your TPS
      As long as you have enough cores available plugin will not cause lag no matter how low you set your refresh intervals.

    • "OTHER" group definition is more like "all" or "every" rather than "other".
      Applying a property to OTHER section will work for all groups that do not have the option defined. For example, if you want all groups to have belowname "20 ❤", you don't need to give it to every group. Just give it to OTHER and every group that doesn't have belowname defined will use this one. Take advantage of this to simplify and shorten your config.
      When the feature was introduced plugin didn't offer many settings for groups so "other" was accurate. Now it would be appropriate to rename it to prevent confusion, however that would break everyone's config which i don't want to do so we'll stick to other for a while.

    • Sorting is done using name tag packets.
      Disabling name tag packets (change-nametag-prefix-suffix: false) will disable sorting too.

    • Players who don't have their group in sorting list will be sorted by tabprefix.
      If sorting list doesn't contain player's permission group, this player will be below those with group on list and will then be sorted alphabetically by their tabprefix. You can use this to alter plugin's sorting behaviour, for example clearing the sorting list entirely (group-sorting-priority-list: []) to make players sorted by prefix. Then, use additional fake color codes (&0&4Owner, &1&6Admin) to sort them how you want.

    • Using "%" outside of a placeholder breaks the rest of placeholders of placeholderapi in that string.
      This is not TAB's issue, but there's no other place with this mentioned so i did it.
      Reason: PlaceholderAPI logs which % is placeholder start and which is an end. Using % randomly switches begins and ends, making placeholderapi not parse the rest of placeholders (all lines of header are considered as parts of the same string). I asked about this on their discord, with no reply.
      Workaround 1: When you want to use %, such as "50% OFF", put it after all placeholderapi placeholders. In header or footer there can't be any line with a placeholder after it (as mentioned above).
      Workaround 2: Use plugin's "remove-strings" option to fool placeholderapi and make it work. Whereever you want to put %, make it for example %test%. Then, go to config, find remove-strings and add "%test" there. As a result, placeholderapi will try to parse this non-existing placeholder, ignoring it and making others work. Finally, plugin removes the unwanted part for the desired result.

    TAB is created in my spare time, it's consistently worked on to keep bug free and contain all the features you expect and didn't expect; but love, from a tab plugin. Any love you show, no matter what form it comes in, is greatly appreciated.

    • Do you know Java? Help us on GitHub
      Anyone is able to contribute to the source, add new features or help fix a bug.

    • Good with words or video editing? Make tutorials
      Help new users of TAB by creating tutorials either in the form of a video or in writing. Showcase how TAB works, what it can do and how simple it is to use.

    • Found a bug? Report it!
      If you found a bug or have a brilliant idea for a new feature, help us by writing a detailed, thought-through bug report, the more information you can give us, the easier it is for us to fix it.

    • Donate
      Donations keep me motivated to fix bugs and add new functionality to the plugin. Donations are given without the expectation of a favor in return.
      ObsidianPrison - 50 USD
      Arektor - 30 EUR
      Newwind - 20 USD
      HexedHero - 16 USD
      Rakaan - 15 USD
      Invaerne - 10 GBP
      BjoernR - 10 EUR
      x1p - 10 EUR
      JayBae201 - 10 USD
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      Casidesigns - 10 USD
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      KotoriXIII - 8.52 EUR
      digishield - 150 CZK
      DuckWeedVN - 5 EUR
      Preparator1 - 5 USD
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      poui0609 - 5 USD
      scooterprint - 5 USD
      lowkeyHero - 5 USD
      Truger23 - 3 EUR
      iTzDinikCZ - 3 EUR
      Lokipea - 3 EUR
      ShaunaFurry - 3 USD
      Ownsgood - 3 USD
      freight - 2.10 USD

      Thanks to all of you ! Hope you enjoy the plugin !

    • Show us your version of TAB
      Messed around with the TAB configuration and got an awesome result? Send us a screenshot and we will proudly showcase it in our gallery.

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    Version: 2.5.3
    Is a great plugin. Fast support 09/10
    Is a great plugin. Fast support 09/10
    Is a great plugin. Fast support 09/10
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    Amazing plugin. I found a little bug so when i use IDesguse plugin and desguse as a mob so nickname under head not show. Please fix, it will be perfect!
    1. NEZNAMY
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      Not a bug. Disguise plugin decided to not show custom name of entity.
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    Version: 2.5.3
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    The only reason I wanted to get this plugin was because I wanted to have prefixes in tablist. Now I saw how much more it can do and going to use it to its fullest. Thank you for this plugin
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    Holy crap i actually love you.

    This plugin solved all my problems.

    I used to use NameTagEdt but using CMI breaks that and CMI support is crap, so i had to switch.

    This plugin, however, works PERFECTLY with no issues and i love the %rank% placeholder! There is nothing wrong with this plugin and i highly recommend switching from NameTagEdit
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    Version: 2.5.3
    That is the best tablist plugin i have ever seen. it is definitely a hight performance premium resource. Thank you for making this awesome plugin and giving it for free.
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    I can't believe I still haven't reviewed this plugin. It's very well done, has a ton of features and the author is extremely helpful. I've been using it for a long time now (I think almost since the beginning) and I can't imagine having a server without it anymore! Thank you for this plugin Nez!
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    So glad I found this plugin... it's been great. The multi-line player tag is awesome, the tab list works well, I'm not sure what more I could want. Found this while looking for an alternative to NameTagEdit because it has issues and happy with the results.
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      I'm glad you're happy with the plugin, enjoy.
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    Just wanted to say that this is the best TAB plugin I've ever encountered. It pretty much offers everything I need on my server. Also, the developer is extremely helpful.