TAB [1.5.x - 1.16.x] 2.8.7

An all-in-one solution that works

  1. 2.8.7

    • Cleaner /tab cpu output
    • Fixed 1.9 bossbar for 1.15.x clients on 1.8 server causing disconnect
    • Fixed issue from previous fix of "fix-pet-names" feature
  2. 2.8.6

    • 1.16.3
    • Fixed errors on bungeecord
    • Added support for magic codes in gradients
    • Improved yaml error assistant for better messages when you break yaml syntax
  3. 2.8.5

    • Fixed placeholders not refreshing in tablist prefix/suffix for 1.8.x clients
    • Fixed broken hook into premiumvanish on bungee
    • Fixed weird characters in /tab cpu command
    • Fixed error on 1.8.8 spigot forks
    • Fixed relational placeholders using twice as much CPU as they should
    • Fixed rare issue causing players not having their teams registered
    • Fixed random errors
    • Fixed custom relational placeholders registered via API being removed on /tab reload (other...
  4. 2.8.4

    • Added 1.16.2 support
    • Added option to require permission to toggle scoreboard (tab.togglescoreboard)
    • Added gradient support (<#RRGGBB>Text</#RRGGBB> or {#RRGGBB>}Text{#RRGGBB<}) with the first code being start color and second end.
    • Added support for BungeePerms on Velocity
    • Fixed unlimited nametag mode going wild on <1.8 clients (will now ignore them)
    • Fixed 2 crashes (1 of them caused by intentional misconfiguration)
    • Fixed error on old bungee version...
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  5. 2.8.3

    • Made fix-pet-names option no longer enable on 1.16 servers due to a bug which i don't know how to fix
    • Added support for another RGB format (&x&r&r&g&g&b&b)
    • Added option to enable marker tag on armorstands for 1.8.x clients
    • Added support for NetworkManager on bungeecord as well
    • Added config option to bypass "do-not-move-spectators" with a permission (tab.spectatorbypass)
    • Added %tab_scoreboard_visible% and %tab_bossbar_visible% placeholders into...
  6. 2.8.2

    • Added 1.7 support to Velocity
    • Added %displayname% placeholder to bungeecord
    • Added &#rrggbb and {#rrggbb} support
    • Added misconfiguration check for animation refresh intervals (must be divisible by 50)
    • Fixed random errors
    • Fixed RGB not displaying in /tab parse
    • Fixed placeholders used in abovename/belowname not refreshing...
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  7. 2.8.1

    Fixed 9 errors/bugs from previous version's recodes and RGB support.
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  8. 2.8.0

    • Added 1.16 support
    • Added RGB support (
    • Massive performance improvement, removed all refresh intervals from config. Everything now refreshes immediately when needed. This is a large internal change which still has bugs. If you find any, report them.
    • Added support for NetworkManager as permission plugin...
  9. 2.7.7

    • Added /tab bossbar subcommand which does the same but exists as real registered command to be used by other plugins
    • Added bossbar text cutting to 64 characters on <1.7 to prevent disconnect
    • Added %player_health% into detection of yellow-number to be turned into hearts instead of number (to allow that feature to work on bungee as %health% does not...
  10. 2.7.6

    Hotfixes from previous version and a few other bugfixes