TabChange[✓] 1.01BE

This Will Allow You to change your name in tab Spaces Abled, &# Abled!

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    ME RBMC! xD
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    I made this plugin Because When I was Hosting a server I Never Found A Plugin Like this but it seemed like every Server Had It And I couldn't find it So I Made One Just for YOU! This Plugin Does Allow Essentials Color Codes! , For Spaces In the username use _ It auto spaces it on Execution! this plugin enables you to customize your name in the tab list to what you want Fully Suppported 1.8!

    - There Is Only One Permission for this Plugin And that is to be able to use it!
    * Tab.Use
    ~Allows User To use the Plugin!

    - Got Suggestions? , Email me @ [email protected], Skype Message me @ Real_Penz5557 or Simply Leave A review Below this! I Check it on an Interval!

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