TabConfig 1.0

Custom tab for your server

  1. R3DY246
    This plugin allows you to create a custom tab config for you server
    In order for this to work on your server you will need the following plugins:

    This version of TabConfig is edited, it includes the following;

    - Shows your factions name
    - Shows your power
    - Shows what rank you are
    - Shows how many donators are online

    All codes are displayed in the config, and will work with 1.5

    TabAPI and TabConfig are made by Double0negative and iMalo, i do not take credit for making the plugins, but i do take credit for editing the TabConfig, and i think Double0 and Malo should take some time in implementing this for them selfes



Recent Reviews

  1. Arjenpro
    Version: 1.0
    This plugin don't work with 1.8, can you update?