TabHeader 1.0

Use Headers, and Footers in the Tab List

  1. 56awesome56
    Use Headers and Footers in Tab List, It should work on it's own, but it's a good idea to use ProtocolLib.

    Commands(You can use color codes with both):
    /header [msg]: Sets the Header to msg
    /footer [msg]: Sets the Footer to msg

    header.change - allows /header and /footer

    If a plugin is using this as an API, set enabled to false in config.yml

    You can send a header and footer to a player by using
    Code (Text):
    TabHeader.sendHeaderAndFooter(String header, String footer, Player p);
    Or, you can send to everyone by using
    Code (Text):
    TabHeader.broadcastHeaderAndFooter(String header, String footer);

Recent Updates

  1. Added 1.9 support