TabManager [InGame editor] [Animated names] [FREE] 1.0.3

An easy to use Tab manager, with animated player names, and ingame editor

  1. LimeGlass
    TabManager is the best and easiest ingame editor to edit your tablist, the launch version has Animated player tablist names, you can set the Header and Footer, and also wipe the whole tablist by reseting it.
    This plugin was suggested by @isaiiaass99
    This is a skript plugin, so you need to follow the steps below for installation
    - Skript v2+
    - SkRayFall v1.7+
    1.) Download Dependencies above and drag them into your server plugins folder
    2.) Run server
    3.) Download TabManager
    3.) Put TabManager in plugins > skript > scripts
    4.) Restart server or type /skripts reload TabManager
    5.) Done :D

    1.) Go to folder plugins > skript > scripts >
    2.) Open it in Notepad++ (only works in notepad++)
    3.) Edit the first group of lines, don't go past the warning lines, unless you know what you're doing!
    - Colour settings
    - Full customization over the main features ingame
    - Change, delete, and set everything ingame
    - Custom command and permissions
    - Configurable messages
    - Ignores you if you have a certain value empty or set to nothing
    - Animated player names
    - Ultra Lightweight
    - Open for suggestions
    - Active developer
    - Great support
    - InGame reload (/sk reload TabManager)
    - FREE
    - And lots more features!
    [​IMG] v

    /tabmanager reset - Reset everything
    /tabmanager add (player) (text) - Create player name animations
    /tabmanager set header (Text) and footer (text) - Sets header and footer
    /tabmanager delete (player) - deletes a players animated tab name
    /tabmanager deleteHF - deletes header and footer
    /sk reload tabmanager - reload tabmanager

    tabmanager.use - for all commands
    tabmanager.see - see the header and footer
    If you want to use Spaces in the tablist header, footer, and names, use "_" to separate them

    0% Add gui (maybe)
    0% AutoUpdater (maybe)
    0% Add animations for header and footer
    0% Add function to use under playernametags
    0% Add translations

    Anything else wanted? Tell me in the discussion page, and I will add it to the list :D
    Servers using TabManager:
    - (My network)
    - Send me a PM or tell me in the discussion page, and I will add your server here :D
    Video tutorials:
    - Send me a pm or say in disscusion page of it and I will add it here
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  1. Alot of fixes
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Recent Reviews

  1. Rezz
    Version: 1.0.2
    This is a really neat concept, but some things need some touching up. Currently, there is no way to delete a specific player's tablist name, I'd have to reset everything if I make a mistake.

    Why is '&' being replaced? Skript automatically colors with '&' anyway.

    Animated names only play one at a time, once every 10 seconds (with the default configuration). Animated names should stay animated the whole time, and play together.

    Version is not commented, and so is the text explaining the double S character (which shows up as 'ยง' for me).
    1. LimeGlass
      Author's Response
      All bugs you reported have been fixed, thanks for letting me know ;)