TabuuCore 2020.3.0

The core plugin for easy Spigot plugin creation.

  1. 2020.3.0

    • Deprecated SafeMaterial in favour of the already popular XMaterial. SafeMaterial had a good run, unfortunately due to the build in backwards compatibility features by Spigot it is unpractical. Not to mention hard to maintain.
    • XMaterial has been added as stand-alone class in TabuuCore (no need for external XMaterial libraries).
    • Fixed an argument converter issue that would lead to IndexOutOfBoundsExceptions.
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  2. 2020.2.1

    • Fixed null pointers when executing commands without permissions.
    • Added better support for 1.12- SafeMaterials.
  3. 2020.2.0

    • Documentation for: Command, Configuration, and more.
    • 1.15 SafeMaterials.
    • IConfiguration#getMap and IConfiguration#setMap.
    • INBTagCompound#getList and INBTTagCompound#setList.
    • Boolean type to ArgumentType
    • PlaceHolderAPI (PAPI) support to Dictionary
    • Optional Command#onTabSuggest
    • Issues with IConfiguration#setEnumList.
  4. 2020.1.0

    First update of the year!
    • 1.15.1 support!
    • Get and set nested NBT tags.
    • Aliases option for subcommands.

    For al those who want to use TabuuCore on 1.13 or 1.14, you will have to change the api-version in the plugin.yml for now. Version specific downloads will be comming soon!
  5. 2019.2.3

    • Code maintenance.
    • Pre 1.13 SafeMaterial fix for IRON_BARS.
    • Changes to Hologram behaviour.
    • Support for 1.14.3 and 1.14.4.
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  6. 2019.2.2

    • TabuuCore is now compatible with 1.14 and 1.14.1!
    • InventoryUtil have been redone.
    • You can now create custom container windows.
    • The TextInputUI now uses the custom container window instead of the InventoryUtil.
    • Work on the JavaDoc has started.
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  7. Mayor oopsie in last update and download URL update

    The previous release (under the same version name) had a major oopsie that had to be fixed. You can see this as a re-release.
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  8. 2019.2.0 release

    • Time conversion fix.
    • Tab-complete for command arguments.
    • Repackaging of command related classes.
    • Entity support for the INBTTagCompound.
  9. Yet another update.

    This update has changed the way configuration files are added.
    If your plugin uses the ConfigurationManager::addConfiguration method, you will have to recompile that plugin.​
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  10. Smashing bugs and adding features.


    [Patch] The NBT tag issue has been resolved.
    [Added] The time command argument has been put into place.