Adds a very simple minigame of tag

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    A simple tag minigame plugin for Bukkit/Spigot/PaperSpigot

    - Super Simple Minigame Plugin
    - Easy SetUp

    - Currently Requires a Permissions Plugin
    - Only one game of tag at a time, in one world.

    Drop the Jar in your Plugins folder.

    Set the Game spawn to the world/location of your choice, Default is the world spawn in your server.properties. /tag setspawn

    You can also create a tag join sign by placing [join tag] on the top line. Players can join by right clicking the sign.

    /tag create - Create a "lobby" that allows players to join

    /tag start - start the game, itll keep going until you stop it. Requires at least two players.

    (Randomly picks someone to be IT. Gives everyone a 5 seconds headstart.)

    /tag create - create a "lobby" for the game
    /tag start - start the game, requires a minimum of 2 players.
    /tag join - join an exsisting or ongoing game of tag
    /tag leave - leave a game, though that's pretty lame.
    /tag setspawn - set where players should teleport to when the game starts
    /tag kick <player> - boot a moronic player, or maybe you're just a sore looser?
    /tag version - get the version, useful for the issue tracker

    There are no wildcards, get over it.
    tag - the global permission for the /tag command and sub commands
    tag.create - Allows a player to create a "lobby"
    tag.start - Allows a player to start a game of tag.
    tag.join - Allows a player to join the lobby/ running game.
    tag.leave - Allows a player to leave the lobby/ running game.
    tag.setspawn - Allows a player to set the spawn location when the game is started.
    tag.sign.create - Allows a player to create a join sign.
    tag.sign.use - Allows a player to join the running game of tag by right-clicking the sign, similar to /tag join.

    Before creating an issue tracker issue, I am currently working on the following.
    - Needs Pitch and Yaw at Tag Spawn
    - Needs Multiworld Support (However, Tag Spawns can be set in other than the default world already)
    - Needs Bungee Support
    - Needs Multiple Lobbies/ Games running at the same time
    - Needs Default Permissions (Currently Requires a Permissions Plugin)

    Consider Donating? :p