Talk on Discord Beta 1.0

Change talk member depending on the distance between players

  1. BettyJP
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.7
    • 1.12
    • 1.16

    Intended Usage

    Using this plugin, you can change talk member on Discord depending on the distance between players. When you get close to other player, you can talk to the player, and when you move away from other player, you can't talk. By using this plugin, you can have a more survival experience than your previous play style. New discoveries may be get when combined with other mods and distribution map !

    The player moves on Discord voice channel depending on the distance between the players.

    It's recommended to watch reference video below to install.
    You can just follow these steps:

    1. Create a new application at
    2. On the application's page, go to the "Bot" tab, click "Add Bot", and confirm.
    3. Click the Copy button under "TOKEN" on the bot tab. Bot token will be used later.
    4. Enable the bot option under "SCOPES" and enable the Administrator option under "GENERAL PREMISSIONS" on the OAuth2 tab.
    5. Invite the bot to the discord server from the generated URL on the OAuth2 tab.
    6. Install this plugin, run & stop minecraft server, then open the configuration file (/plugins/Talk_on_Discord/Talk_on_Discord.yml).
    7. Paste the token you copied in the indicated position.
    8. Enter the ID of the discord server and voice channel in the specified location.
      (Note: The number of voice channel is required for the max-players on the minecraft server.)
    9. Start the minecraft server again and then make sure the discord bot is running.
    10. finish !
    How to Play
    To make this plugin work, you can just follow these step:
    1. Make sure you are disconnected from the discord voice channel.
    2. Join minecraft server.
    3. Enter the key distributed when you join the minecraft server into the discord text channel in the following format:
      "/key [KEY_NUMBER]".
    4. Enter one of the voice channels after key input.
    5. The plugin will start working when there are two or more participants.

    Reference Video
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  1. server_maker_pro
    Version: Beta 1.0
    Minecord 2.0 and free, thank you
    1. BettyJP
      Author's Response
      Thank you for downloading :D