TalkGuard 1.8

Control Your Chat With ONE Command!

  1. Isabelle-Lewis
    TalkGuard Plugin

    The TalkGuard plugin helps you control your server in an easy, quick and efficient way. With few commands no needed support the TalkGuard plugin is one of the newest and efficient plugins out.

    The TalkGuard plugin will stop players capsing if they use more than 8 letters by simply transforming your text to non caps (can by bypassed by any ops) and there is no needed permission node. The bypass permission node is talkguard.bypass

    If you're finding it difficult to take control of your chat do /talkguard mute and only players with the permission node talkguard.bypass can talk. This can be great for announcements if you have a bigger server. And you can keep msg messages enabled so that if there is an intense raiding session, you wont get interrupted! You can simply unlock the chat by doing /talkguard unlock and everything will be normal, if a player talks during the lock they will receive a message saying they are forbidden, however this is fully customizable.

    Do you have a server that is new, so players will advertise? Not a problem! With this plugin you can do /talkguard clear and the whole chat is cleared. This means that know one can join that pesky no good server and you don't need to see that traitorous IP! The permission node is talkguard.clear

    So, don't sit in pain from watching mis-behavior any longer! Use TalkGuard to regain that server confidence!

    - Next Plans: We will soon be releasing a warning system that allows players to receive warnings, and each specific warning follows from a consequence!
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    Version: 1.8
    Tested, found no bugs
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    Version: 1.8
    great plugin use on my server
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    Version: 1.8
    Pretty good plugin, i use it on my server. Great work!!!
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    Version: 1.8
    Absolutally great plugin 10/10