Tamable Foxes [1.14.X-1.18.2] 2.2.4-SNAPSHOT

Ever wanted to tame foxes? Now you can!

  1. Update for 1.18.2

    Update for 1.18.2, enjoy!
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  2. Fix for 1.18 paper

    Fix for 1.18 paper
  3. Fix Paper 1.18.1

    There were errors on Paper 1.18.1, I fixed them.
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  4. 1.18.1 Support

    Add support for 1.18.1
  5. Update for 1.18 add `/givefox` command

    • Updated the plugin for 1.18!
    • Add the /givefox command to let players (or admins) give their foxes to other players.
    As usual, if you run into any errors or bugs, make an issue here.
  6. Allow the user to disable certain gameplay related messages

    You can do this by changing certain fields in language.yml to "disabled". The fields that can be disabled are:
    • taming-tamed-message
    • taming-asking-for-name-message
    • taming-chosen-name-perfect
    • fox-doesnt-trust
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  7. World taming restrictions, bug fixes

    • Implemented world taming restrictions. You can change them with the `no-tame-worlds` field in the config. Check default config for example.
    • Removed this message from the console:
  8. Remove need for program arguments

    You no longer need to have those program arguments in your start script. This will also give the ability to use the plugin for users that are using a host that doesn't allow them to add program arguments.

    This was possible with help from @fuwwy on GitHub.
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  9. Fix occasional crashes when foxes sleep with owners

    Fix occasional crashes when foxes sleep with owners. Seemed to only happen on certain spigot builds.
  10. Fix for Purpur

    Fix errors and crashes on Purpur