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intuitive visual maze generator for every shape and every terrain

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    spthiel, GenerousGuava
    A big Thanks to All of You

    I've now spent almost two years on developing Tangled Maze. That was sometimes more fun and sometimes less. Especially the fact that I started developing it when the big hype of Minecraft decreased drastically made me a bit sad quiet often.

    But in the end I didn't stop going on and here we are now with more than 500 downloads! So I just wanted to say Thank You to everyone who showed interest in this project, thanks for the likes and all the ratings!
    (and thanks to the guy who incessantly tried to find bugs)

    I hope I will continue developing this plugin quite a bit more and I hope you guys will enjoy creating mazes further! :)


    for feature requests or bug reports or
    pm me or visit the GitHub page

    Tangled Maze [1.8 - 1.12]
    Tangled Maze API

    What is Tangled Maze?

    Tangled Maze is a powerful maze generator that makes it possible to build mazes in flat terrain just as well as on mountains and hillsides, even underwater.

    This plugin also contains tools to give your maze every possible shape. You can combine squares and circles or simply brush a maze into the shape you wish!

    And if you do not like the result you can still unbuild everything, change it further and rebuild it again.

    Feel free to play around with the shape of your maze as much as you like to.

    Mazes will even work on an unusual surfaces such as spheres.

    How does it work?

    To create a maze, you have to create a floor plan of it with a maze wand. The outline of it will be shown with blocks on the ground. You can add or cut away new shapes or smooth the outline block by block as much as you wish. Afterwards the maze generator will build a maze from this floor plan.

    This way it should be very easy and intuituve to construct a beatiful maze, without any overcomplicated commands.

    What's new?


    Okay it's not Halloween yet, anyway
    Happy Spooktober!
    block properties
    The build blocks for a maze can now be rotated, flipped and whatever! For that you have too take a look at a block with the F3 key pressed:

    To build a maze for example with oak logs all aligned upwards you could type: /tangledmaze build walls oak_log:axis=y (they are facing upwards by default by the way)
    Different blocks may have different properties, there are many blocks with a "facing" for example. If you want to set multiple properties at once just type another colon and add the next property.
    roofs and floors
    You can now add a roof to you maze or change the floor! It works the same way you construct the walls of your maze: with the /tangledmaze build <part> <blocks...> command
    path length command
    With this new command you can affect how far the paths in your maze will try to expand in one direction.
    Until now the paths in a maze would change directions quiet often and create rather obscure patterns (picture below, left). But with this new feature you can give your mazes a much better and more natural look! (picture below, right)

    Edit: in 1.3 the command has been included in the /tangledmaze set <dimension> <integer> command

    unbuild command
    This long requested feature to unbuild generated mazes and reuse the already created maze floor was added​

    smoother walls
    Spikes and smaller trees or anything else will not disrupt the shape of walls anymore​


    language config
    You can now change the messages of Tangled Maze in the language.yml to you own language​

    Tutorial - Creating a maze

    The tool you will need in every step of constructing your maze's floor plan will be a Maze Wand. You can get it with /tangledmaze wand.

    Click on two blocks on the ground witth the wand to create a shape (can be a rectangle or circle). You can resize it by dragging a blue corner and start over by clicking two new blocks.


    If you want to use the shape as floor plan use /tangledmaze start (the clipboard will turn into redstone blocks).
    There are three ways to edit the floor plan you created so far:
    • add another shape to it
    • cut away another shape
    • add or brush away single blocks

    Create a secondary shape which overlaps with your floor plan. With the command /tangledmaze add or cut you can add or cut away this new shape of your floor plan.


    Use /tangledmaze select brush to get the brush tool. Left click on the outline of your floor plan to expand it at that block, right click to reduce it.

    Your can choose how many entrances or exits your maze should have. Use /maze select exit and click blocks with your maze wand where you want an exit to be placed. Click on an exit a second time to delete it.

    To get your maze generated use the build command for example like this:
    /tangledmaze build maze oak_leaves spruce_leaves (the picture is not updated yet)
    This will build your maze out of 50/50 oak and spruce leaves. You can use as many different materials as you like, just each one needs to be seperated with a space.


    All commands are sub commands of /tangledmaze (or /maze, or just /tm)

    help <page> – lists all commands with descriptions
    wand – gives you a maze wand
    start – converts your selected shape into a floor plan
    discard – removes your floor plan and also your currently selected shape
    teleport – teleports you back to your floor plan
    add / cut – adds or cuts away a shape from your floor plan
    select <tool>
    rect – selected shapes will form rectangles
    circle – shapes will form circles (or ellipses)
    brush – selects brush tool to edit smaller details on a floor plan
    exit – selects exit setter tool to choose exits on a floor plans' outline​

    undo – undoes the last edit of your floor plan
    set <dimension> <integer>
    wallheight – sets the wall height of your maze
    wallwidth sets the wall width of your maze
    pathwidth – sets the path width of your maze
    roofwidth – sets the roof width of your maze
    pathlength <integer> – sets the expansion each path segment will aim for in one direction (in junctions).
    build <part> <blocks...> – builds tje specified part of your maze according to your floor plan with given blocks
    unbuild <part> – unbuilds a recently generated maze and lets you change the floor plan further
    reload – reloads changes in the config or the language file


    tangledmaze.relaod – permission to reload changes in config or language file

    tangledmaze.getwand – permission to use /maze wand
    tangledmaze.build – permission to use the maze wand and build commands
    tangledmaze.teleport– permission to teleport back to your floor plan

    for bug reports please pm me or visit the GitHub page

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    This should be a cheap premium plugin, it works amazingly and can't wait for updates! Author's first plugin and looks promising! Can't wait for more plugins from this guy!
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      Wow I really appreciate to hear this :D
      I guess it wouldn't be wrong to make this a premium resource but I'm a bit afraid of taking the responsibility to make updates and meet peoples expectations ._.
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    worked perfectly! love it!
    it is pretty easy to customize the maze, but it would be nicer if I could save a floor plan, undo and recreate. also it will be cool if the floor plan session can be saved and reused.
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      It's really nice to hear that you like it! I'm already working on an unbuild command and a way to save a maze should also be possible.
      So hopefully you can stay tuned for a bit more :P
  4. HotPos10
    Version: 1.2.2
    It works, but it's hard to remove the maze when you've already placed it down.
    The mazes sometimes are very easy, it would be nice to have an ability of choosing maze difficulty.

    A GUI would also be cool!
  5. lilacorn
    Version: 1.1
    works like a charm for 1.13.2! thank you and it is VERY simple to use! looking forward to using this for a long time to generate new mazes in the future.
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      Author's Response
      Nice to hear that you like it so much :)
  6. sam12213
    Version: TangledMaze-1.0
    It's a very nice plugin and also has the circle maze which I haven't seen other maze generators on spigot attempt. The best thing about this plugin is the method you select the maze is very easy an intuitive. The developer is also very helpful.