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    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.13
    • 1.14
    • 1.15
    • 1.16
    Source Code:
    spthiel, GenerousGuava
    Update coming soon :)


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    for bug reports or feature requests
    visit the github page or pm me

    About Tangled Maze

    Tangled Maze is a powerful maze generator that makes it possible to create mazes in hilly terrains just as good as in flat lands.

    With a variety of tools you are able to give your mazes every shape you wish. Combine rectangles and circles or expand and contract the border of a maze border until you have the shape you are looking for!

    Here is an example of how you can combine shapes together or cut others out to create a maze.

    Mazes will even work on an unusual surfaces such as spheres.

    Overview of Features

    Adjustable path and wall dimensions
    Path width, wall width and wall height can all be changed durinf the creation of a maze. You can go for huge or small mazes just as you like:

    Add roof and floor to a maze
    Besides generating the winding walls of a maze you can also add a roof or a floor to it wit to it.

    Custom path length
    The /tangledmaze set pathlength <integer> command affects how far each path in a maze will expand in one direction. Path system can look more organized or more chaotic:

    Tree culling
    The default small trees (or other spikes) won't mess with mess the walls of mazes. Don't hesitate to create a maze in the middle of a forest:​


    Using block properties
    When building a maze you can get very specific about what blocks to use. All porperties you can see when pressing F3 and looking at a block can be defined.

    To build a maze out of e.g. oak logs all aligned sidewards you can type: /tangledmaze build walls oak_log:axis=x
    Multiple properties can be set at once by separating them with another colon.​

    --- Tangled Maze+ exclusively ---
    Backing up mazes
    With this premium feature you can save your mazes as files and and load them again and make further changes after you left the game or the server reloaded.

    Building mazes from the console

    You have now the ability to load already backuped mazes to the console and use all commands related to building or deconstructing a maze remotely.​


    This is a video about how to create mazes with Tangled Maze

    You can also read about the basics in these spoilers:
    The tool you will need in every step of constructing your maze's floor plan will be a maze wand. You can get it with /tangledmaze wand.

    Now click on two blocks with the wand - like with WorldEdit - to create a rectangle shape in gold blocks. This shape still can be resized by clicking and dragging one of the four blue corners. To comepletely start over simply click two new blocks.
    You can always switch between a rectangle shape and a circle shape


    The next step is to use /tangledmaze start and the shape will turn into redstone blocks. This redstone floor plan shows where your maze will be built. You can now modify the red clip by adding or deleting other shapes or continue with adding some exits.
    A redstone block floor plan can be edited in three ways:
    • add another shape to it
    • cut away another shape
    • add or brush away single blocks

    If you create a secondary shape which overlaps with your floor plan you can use the command /tangledmaze add or cut to add or cut away this newer shape from your floor plan.


    If you are just interested in changing smaller details you can use /tangledmaze select brush to get the brush tool. With a left click on the redstone block border of your floor plan you will expand the border. With a right clipck the border will be erased or reduced.

    Your can choose how many entrances or respectively exits your maze should have. With /maze select exit your maze wand will switch to an exit setter. Now click the redstone blocks with your maze wand where you want an exit to be placed. With a second click on an exit you can delete it again.
    All exits will be displayed as emerald blocks apart from the diamond main exit. This one exit shows where the path network will start growing from.


    Finally you can use the build command to generate the maze. Here is an example of how to build the walls of a maze out of different blocks.
    /tangledmaze build walls 3*oak_leaves spruce_leaves
    This way the walls will be built from oak leaves and spruce leaves in a ratio 3:1.
    You can use as many different materials as you like, just make sure to seperate each one with a space.


    Code (YAML):
    #sets the item for the maze wand
    : golden_shovel


    All commands are sub commands of /tangledmaze (or /maze, or just /tm)

    help <page> – lists all commands with descriptions for each one
    wand – gives you the maze wand item
    start – converts your selected shape into a floor plan
    discard – discards your current floor plan
    teleport – teleports you back to your floor plan
    add / cut – adds or cuts away a shape from your floor plan
    select <tool> – choose the tool you want to work with
    rect – selected shapes will form rectangles
    circle – shapes will form circles (or ellipses)
    brush – selects brush tool to edit smaller details on a floor plan
    exit – selects exit setter tool to choose exits on a floor plans' outline​
    undo – undoes the last edit of your floor plan
    set <dimension> <integer>
    wallheight – sets the wall height of your maze
    wallwidth – sets the wall width of your maze
    pathwidth – sets the path width of your maze
    roofwidth – sets the roof width of your maze
    pathlength – sets the expansion each path segment will aim for in one direction (in junctions).​
    build <part> <blocks> – builds the specified part of your maze according to your floor plan with given blocks. This command can also be executed from the console
    walls – builds the walls of your maze
    walls-h – builds the walls hollow
    roof – builds a roof ontop of your maze
    floor – replaces the first layer of blocks on the floor of your maze​
    unbuild <part> – unbuilds a recently generated maze and lets you change the floor plan further.
    reload – reloads changes in the config or the language file


    tangledmaze.relaod – permission to reload changes in config or language file
    tangledmaze.build – permission to use the maze wand and build commands
    tangledmaze.getwand – permission to use /maze wand
    tangledmaze.teleport– permission to teleport back to your floor plan

    More pictures! :D

    This is a library I decorated with winding bookshelves:

    Some players on the server Soar - Minecraft with Altitude created a floting island with a nicely decorated maze on it




    I'd love to add some images here of mazes you made! ;)


    for bug reports pleasevisit the GitHub pageor pm me

Recent Updates

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    Really good plugin ! Easy to use ! Work perfectly
    1. MightyOne
      Author's Response
      Always a pleasut to hear that :)
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    Very good, but can You make this plugin working on 1.8?
    I'm making serwer with minigames included maze. And when i try to make portal plugin get errored and crush the server :(
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      At the top of the page you can find a link to TangledMaze for Minecraft versions 1.8 to 1.12
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    Looking forward to 1.12 version... =w=
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