Tangled Maze | Maze Generator [1.13+] 1.4.2

THE maze generator

  1. hollow wall tearing fix

    stopped hollow walls from tearing at exrtreme slopes
  2. small bug fix

    removed the console spam that occured when a player without build permission clicked any block
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  3. Minor bugfix

    Removed the console error that showed up when someone left the server.
  4. Update checker added, minor bug fixes

    Nothing big changed if you looked behind the scenes, then it would be noticeable, that a lot has been turned upside down.
  5. Hollow Walls

    Walls can be optionally built hallow now. This can save you time when constructing big mazes that don't need to be massive.

    Also added:
    - tab completion for the blocks in the build-command (I guess this can save even more time)
    - message with the amount of blocks used to build a maze
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  6. specifiable amount for build block types

    I also fixed a bug where any other permission than tangledmaze.build were not checked.
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  7. access to block properties

    rotate it - flip it - twist it - bop it!
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  8. proper version tag

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  9. hotfix for leaves

    this fix stops hedges from decaying
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  10. roofs and floors

    roofs and floors can now be built with the modified build command