TapL Creeper Explode Skript 1.2.1

Creeper explode = Your health x2

  1. Fixed Argument buggs

    When using "/creeperexplode healthdefault playername" the player wouldn't get full health, this update fixes that & i made a change to the message.
  2. Support for player argument.

    Added support to put a players name after the commands: healthdefault & healthreset.

    Now it is /creeperexplode healthdefault (player)
    and /creeperexplode healthreset (player)
  3. Commands recoded / new features

    For all the people waiting for an update, here is one.

    New features:

    - New help menu
    - Removed all commands and made one main command (/creeperexplode)
    - Recoded commands
    - You can toggle the skript in the config by setting "on" to "off"
    - Improved code performance

    (Look at the command section for all the new commands & permissions.)