TapL's Inventory Shrink Replica Plugin 1.0

Minecraft, But Your Inventory Shrinks...

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    • 1.16
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    What does it do?
    This plugin is a replica of what is used in TapL's upcoming video 'Minecraft, But Your Inventory Shrinks...'. Every X amount of seconds (5mins by default), your inventory will shrink by one slot.

    To install, just add the InventoryShrink-1.0.jar file to your server's plugins directory. Once the plugin is loaded and the server starts with it, a configuration file will be generated. In there, you can change the frequency of the shrink.

    /invshrink - <on/off/toggle>.

    This is a plugin that requires a server, not a mod. You can't use this in a single-player world.

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