TaupeGun 0.0.1BETA5

A TaupeGun configurable game plugin in development...

  1. forein
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Legacy (< 1.13)
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.8
    Theoremization, GeekOfGamer
    Languages Supported:
    Welcome to the description of the
    incredible and original TaupeGun
    IMPORTANT: A translation way will be available soon. Supported languages will be : English, Fran├žais, Nederlands.

    1. How to use :

    You need to download the plugin first, put the plugin into your /plugins directory in your server, start the server and happy playing!

    IMPORTANT: You must not reload the server when the plugin is present, if you would like to restart a party, simply restart the server and don't reload even if some problems appears.

    When the server started, join the game then put the selected players into the team that you want. When this is finish you can start the game with /t start (you can only start a game with 2 players minimum).

    Let's play!

    2. What are the commands and how do we play?

    /t will reveal you a helper that will indicates you what you can do with the /t command.
    /reveal will reveal the person that type this command if this person is a taupe.
    /kit will give the taupe kit to the person that type this command if this person is a taupe.
    /infos to get some informations about the party.
    /health to get the health of a player.

    To talk in team chat, simply put "#" at the start of your message.
    To talk in taupe chat
    , simply put "*" at the start of your message.

    3. About us:

    This plugin has been made in France by Forein and Theoremization.

    You can also support us by making a donation: https://www.paypal.me/foreindev
    You can report any bugs you find or encounter by sending an email to us: [email protected].

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