TDSAFK Release 1.0.0

A simple TDS plugin that lets players know when you're AFK.

  1. TheDoctorSoda
    TDSAFK is a very lightweight plugin designed for small servers that want this basic functionality without installing a plugin giant, such as Essentials.

    • /afk command (toggles player between AFK and NOT AFK states)
    • If a player moves while AFK they will become no longer AFK
    Planned Features:
    • Automatically switching to AFK after x amount of time
    • Configuration Files
    1. Download and Install Spigot for your server (TDSAFK 1.0 was built for Spigot 1.8.7)
    2. Drop TDSAFK 1.0.0.jar into the /plugins/ folder in your server's main directory.

    Suggestions are welcome in the comments, however I will not be very happy if you suggest something that was previously in the 'Planned Features' section.