TDSPunishments Release 1.0.0

A simple TDS plugin that let's admins punish players with a three strikes system.

  1. TheDoctorSoda
    TDSPunishments is a very lightweight plugin designed for small servers that want a slightly more advanced way to warn players.

    NOTE: In the current version warnings will NOT carry over server restarts!

    • /punish command (Paramaters: /punish <Player Name>
    • You can /punish a player up to four times. The first through third are warnings, and the fourth is a ban.

    Planned Features:
    • /unpunish (To take away a warning/ban)
    • Save punishments to a file so they carry over reboots
    1. Download and Install Spigot for your server (TDSPunishments 1.0 was built for Spigot 1.8.7)
    2. Drop TDSPunishments 1.0.0.jar into the /plugins/ folder in your server's main directory.

    Suggestions are welcome in the comments, however I will not be very happy if you suggest something that was previously in the 'Planned Features' section.

Recent Reviews

  1. KRHN
    Version: Release 1.0.0
    Too easy.
    1. TheDoctorSoda
      Author's Response
      Yes, I know. Just began learning bukkit a few hours ago. Made this for myself and figured it could be useful to someone else with a smallish server. Got any ideas? A challenge would be nice to help me learn a bit more about bukkit.