TE-AntidoteEnchant 4.1.0

dismiss those bad potion effect with this enchant!!

  1. ThePurpleHoser
    NOTE: This is a custom enchantment module for TokenEnchant plugin.

    This custom enchantment will allow you to block bad potion effects casted by SplashPotion, LingeringPotion or when you drank a bad potion. As long as your item (such as armor) has this enchantment, you can walk into those bad potion effect and the enchantment will block you from getting affected.

    Demo Video:

    How to Install:
    copy TE-AntidoteEnchant.jar into plugins/TokenEnchant/enchants folder.

    Recommended Items: Armors

    Just add the following to TokenEnchant's config.yml's "Potions:" section.
    Code (Text):

        price: 10
        max:  2 # if occurrence is random or specified, the chance will be determined by the level of enchantment.
        occurrence: 0.75 . # always, random or specified value
          - BLINDNESS
          - CONFUSION
          - HARM
          - HUNGER
          - POISON
          - SLOW
          - SLOW_DIGGING
          - UNLUCK
          - WEAKNESS
          - WITHER

Recent Reviews

  1. nedjii
    Version: 3.0.1
    This custom enchant was a good idea, unfortunately it's not working at all with latest tokenchant...
    1. ThePurpleHoser
      Author's Response
      posting 1 star review is not going to make it work.
  2. vk2gpz
    Version: 1.0.0
    Good that you implemented this without relying on PlayerMoveEvent. .