Team Chat 1.3.1

Separated Chatrooms for Teams and custom Groups

  1. Skappy_
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.16
    • 1.17
    General Description

    This plugin was originally created to allow teammembers to secretly communicate with each other in an easier way, but I also added some additional features that are useful outside of team competitions.

    The plugin lets you switch between different chat modes changing who can see your messages.(global, team, private, group and staff)
    To easily see what mode a message was sent they are displayed in different colors, additionally all names are shown in the color of the team the player is in.

    Available chat modes/ commands

    Global Chat (/globalchat or /g):
    Like normal minecraft chat, everything you type can be seen by everyone on the server.

    Team Chat (/teamchat or /t):
    The messages can only be seen by members of your team.

    Private Chat (/privatechat or /w)
    Similar to whispering, followed by a name it starts a private conversation with just that player that nobody else can see.

    Group Chat (/groupchat or /gc):
    Followed by multiple names starts a conversation with that group of players.

    Staff Chat (/staff or /s):
    Probably not useful for most servers with different ways of managing admin roles, this is a chat only usable and visible to players with op priviledges.

    Reply (/reply or /r)
    Not an actual chat mode, just a conveniet command to join the most recent private chat or group chat that you received a message from.

    Customization in the config file

    The first time the plugin is loaded it creates a default config file that can be edited to customize how the chat should look like. More detailed instructions on how to edit the config are written in the config file itself, here I will only list what can be changed:

    You can pick a color for each of the different chat modes, including having every team chat display in the respective teams color.

    Each chat mode can be completely disabled if it isn't needed.


    You can define what is shown before the name, after the name and between name and message. (in the following always written in those three colors)
    Here are some example how it looks like if I write "hello" in chat with different values for
    'beforeName' 'afterName' and 'seperator'
    (assuming I am in a blue team and the chat color is pink)

    '<' '>' and ''
    results in
    <Skappy> hello

    '[' ']' and ':'
    results in
    [Skappy]: hello

    '[§2PRIVATE§r]<' '>' and ':' (§2 makes the text green, §r ends it again)
    results in
    [PRIVATE]<Skappy>: hello

    '§nGLOBAL§r ~' '' and '~' (§n is for underlining)
    results in
    GLOBAL ~Skappy~ hello

Recent Updates

  1. Removal of useless console outputs