TeamBattle v1.1

A Team pvp Plugin where you can fight with People | Also available Kits,Arenas,Parties,Effects etc.

  1. Mert1602
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.7
    • 1.8
    I want to make TeamBattle 2.0 [Premium]
    If you have any ideas then let me know.

    Skype: support.mert1602​

    What is TeamBattle:
    TeamBattle is a very customizable Plugin.
    TeamBattle has customizable/adjustable teams.
    So you can create any arena with any team amount.
    You can create a game/session with </tb create>
    If you created a game then you can change a lot!
    Because there are ingame-settings also arenas and kits.

    I created a session with </tb create>, then i select the "AWESOME" arena and the "Tank" kit.
    (If the arena option: "CanChooseOwnKit" are true, then everyone can choose their own kit in this Arena)
    So i've created a game and selected a kit and a arena, now i can add effects (Potion Effects) to the session, an example:
    "Jump 5 unlimited time"
    There are more settings but finally if i have all set, then i can now invite people.
    With </tb invite player> or in menu.
    When each player has accepted the invitation request, teambattle start automatically the game.
    If not, then you can start it yourself with </tb start> or with the Start Item.

    There are also Parties.
    You can create a Party with </party create> and then invite people with </party invite <playername>>.
    If you created a game and a party. The party members will join to your session.

    There is a Mapreset based on WorldEdit, that means you can break/place blocks and if the game/session is over then TeamBattle will reset the map.

    You can create arenas. How ? (Look at "How to create an Arena")
    Arenas have a main lobby location and team location(s) also a lot of settings:

      HasPermission: false
      Permission: arena.i.dont.know
      - Red
      - Blue
      - Yellow
      - '*'
      - NONE
      StartPoint: world 465.0 0.0 -165.0 0.0 0.0
      EndPoint: world 481.0 255.0 -150.0 0.0 0.0
        Loading: 20
        Circle: 3
        Ingame: 600
        End: 5
      MaxTeamSize: 10
      DropAllowed: false
      PickUpAllowed: false
      LookedInventory: true
      Hunger: false
      CompassTracking: false
      CompassTrackingRadius: 500
      CanChooseOwnKit: true
      - NONE
      - NONE
      DropBreakedBlocks: true
      - /help
      - /idontknow
      - /test323232
      Lobby: world 473.5574380181159 4.0 -157.0234072063924 90.889404 -0.30000386
        - world 479.53208333359464 4.0 -151.49346486895837 135.58936 4.3499913
        - world 467.37109429516806 4.0 -162.581171082298 313.48853 -2.0999913
        - world 467.5 4.0 -151.5 -135.45602 -0.29995304

    You can create kits also completely customizable.
    With </tb kit kitname create> then </tb kit kitname set inventory> or </tb kit kitname set item>
    As with arenas, have kits also a lot of settings

      Enabled: true
      HasPermission: false
      DisplayName: Spleef
      Permission: teambattle.kit.Spleef
      Item: type=diamond_spade;data=0;amount=1;durability=0;enchantment:type=dig_speed,level=5;enchantment:type=durability,level=3;displayname=null;lore=null;
      Helmet: 'null'
      Chestplate: 'null'
      Leggings: 'null'
      Boots: 'null'
      - slot=0;type=diamond_spade;data=0;amount=1;durability=0;enchantment:type=dig_speed,level=5;enchantment:type=durability,level=3;displayname=null;lore=null;
      - slot=1;type=fishing_rod;data=0;amount=1;durability=0;displayname=null;lore=null;
      - slot=2;type=snow_ball;data=0;amount=16;durability=0;displayname=null;lore=null;
      - slot=3;type=snow_ball;data=0;amount=16;durability=0;displayname=null;lore=null;
      - slot=4;type=snow_ball;data=0;amount=16;durability=0;displayname=null;lore=null;
      - slot=5;type=snow_ball;data=0;amount=16;durability=0;displayname=null;lore=null;
      - slot=6;type=snow_ball;data=0;amount=16;durability=0;displayname=null;lore=null;
      - slot=7;type=snow_ball;data=0;amount=16;durability=0;displayname=null;lore=null;
      - slot=8;type=snow_ball;data=0;amount=16;durability=0;displayname=null;lore=null;

    Let's talk about the configuration.
    So there a lot of configs, that means you can set all messages/items/names/or other things
    Want to see all configs ? (Look at "Configs")

    This was a small impression of TeamBattle, if you want to know more,
    Look at "Videos"​

    Server Version:

    1.8 - 1.8.6 CraftBukkit or Spigot
    1.7.5 - 1.7.10 CraftBukkit or Spigot​

    Required Plugins:

    WorldEdit (Required):
    Download: WorldEdit or Direct download
    Server Version: 1.7.X and 1.8.X (Maybe other versions to)
    Plugin Version: (Tested with 6.1)

    Vault with a economy plugin for money (Optional):
    Download: Vault or direct download: 1.7.X, 1.8.X
    Server Version: 1.7.X and 1.8.X (Maybe other versions to)
    Plugin Version: (Tested with 1.4.1 and 1.5.3)

    NametagEdit for colored Name-Tags (Optional):
    Download: NametagEdit or direct download
    Server Version: 1.7.X and 1.8.X (Maybe other versions to)
    Plugin Version: (Tested with Jenkins Build: 6)


    Deutsch (German): (Old, there are more Features/Things)

    Española (Spanish): (Old, there are more Features/Things)

    How to create a Arena:
    First we create a arena.

    /teambattle arena AWESOME create

    Then we set the
    AWESOME lobby.
    (The location where do you stand will be set.)

    /teambattle arena AWESOME set lobby

    Then you can set the WorldEdit region for MapReset.
    (You need to select a area with WorldEdit )

    /teambattle arena AWESOME set region

    You can change the max team-size.
    (The Max Player size of a Team)

    /teambattle arena AWESOME set maxteamsize 5

    Then we clear the default team locations.

    /teambattle arena AWESOME clear teamlocation <teamname>

    Finally, we add team locations.

    /teambattle arena AWESOME add teamlocation <teamname>

    And now you configured your arena "
    If you want to delete the arena ?

    Type /teambattle arena AWESOME remove
    How to create a Sign:

    First line: [TeamBattle]
    Second line: The Arena name
    Code (Text):

    Permission: teambattle.sign.create​
    Commands and Permissions:
    Command aliases: /tb, /teamb, /tbattle
    Party command aliases: /p, /party, /tbp, /tbparty, /teambparty, /tbattleparty
    Stats command aliases: /s, /stats, /tbs, /tbstats, /teambstats, /tbattlestats

    Ingame command bypass: teambattle.command.bypass
    Create signs: teambattle.sign.create

    Regular commands:

    /teambattle help
    /teambattle create |
    /teambattle create <arenaname> |
    /teambattle start |
    /teambattle leave |
    /teambattle invite all |
    /teambattle invite <name> |
    /teambattle accept <name> |
    /teambattle join <name> |
    /teambattle game list | teambattle game list
    /teambattle reload | teambattle.reload

    Arena commands:

    /teambattle arena list | teambattle.arena.list
    /teambattle arena <arenaname> create | teambattle.arena.create
    /teambattle arena <arenaname> remove | teambattle.arena.remove
    /teambattle arena <arenaname> set lobby | teambattle.arena.set.lobby
    /teambattle arena <arenaname> set maxteamsize <number> | teambattle.arena.set.maxteamsize
    /teambattle arena <arenaname> add teamlocation <teamname> | teambattle.arena.add.teamlocation
    /teambattle arena <arenaname> clear teamlocation <teamname> | teambattle.arena.clear.teamlocation
    /teambattle arena <arenaname> set region | teambattle.arena.set.region

    Kit commands:

    /teambattle kit list | teambattle.kit.list
    /teambattle kit <kitname> create | teambattle.kit.create
    /teambattle kit <kitname> remove | teambattle.kit.remove
    /teambattle kit <kitname> set item | teambattle.kit.set.item
    /teambattle kit <kitname> set inventory | teambattle.kit.set.inventory

    Team commands:

    /teambattle team list |
    /teambattle team <teamname> create |
    /teambattle team <teamname> remove |
    /teambattle team <teamname> set color <colorname> |

    Party commands:

    /teambattleparty list | teambattleparty.list
    /teambattleparty create | teambattleparty.create
    /teambattleparty invite | teambattleparty.invite.player
    /teambattleparty accept | teambattleparty.accept.player
    /teambattleparty leave | teambattleparty.leave
    /teambattleparty disband | teambattleparty.disband

    Stats commands:

    /teambattlestats <playername> | teambattlestats.see.other
    /teambattlestats top kills |​

    Version: Beta


    Item: type=APPLE;data=0;amount=1;durability=0;displayname=&2GameSettings;lore=null;
    BackToGameSettings: type=ARROW;data=0;amount=1;durability=0;displayname=&4Back to GameSettings;lore=null;
    Leave: type=REDSTONE;data=0;amount=1;durability=0;displayname=&4Leave;lore=null;
    OtherSettings: type=FEATHER;data=0;amount=1;durability=0;displayname=&2Other settings;lore=null;
    Kits: type=PAPER;data=0;amount=1;durability=0;displayname=&2Kits;lore=null;
    Blank: type=STAINED_GLASS_PANE;data=15;amount=1;durability=15;displayname= ;lore=null;
    Spectate: type=COMPASS;data=0;amount=1;durability=0;displayname=&2Spectate;lore=null;
    StartGame: type=FIREBALL;data=0;amount=1;durability=0;displayname=&2Start Game;lore=null;

    StartsIn: xprefixx &2The Game starts in xsecondsx Seconds.
    Started: xprefixx &2Let the Games begin!
    EndsIn: xprefixx &2The Game ends in xsecondsx seconds.
    Ended: xprefixx &2The Game ends.
    IsFull: xprefixx &4Game is full.
    TeamWon: xprefixx &2Team xteamx &2has won.
    Created: xprefixx &2You created a game
    PlayerJoined: xprefixx &2xplayerx joined the game
    PlayerLeaved: 'xprefixx &2xplayerx leaved the game '
    CannotLeaveArena: xprefixx &4You cannot leave the arena!
    NotEnoughPlayer: xprefixx &4Not enough players!
      Arena: 'xprefixx &2The Arena changed to: &cxarenax'
      Kit: 'xprefixx &2The Kit changed to: &cxkitx'
      AcceptedPlayer: xprefixx &2xopponentx has accepted the invitation.
      AcceptedOpponent: xprefixx &2You have accepted the invitation.
      Send: xprefixx &2You invited xinvitedx to the game.
      Received: xprefixx &2You got an invitation from xplayerx. Type &a</tb accept xplayerx> &2to join.
      TeamNotFound: 'xprefixx &4Warning Arena: xarenax. Team: xteamx not found!'
      MinimumTeams: 'xprefixx &4Warning Arena: xarenax. Minimum 2 teams!'

    Arenas: type=PAPER;data=0;amount=1;durability=0;displayname=&2Arenas;lore=null;
    Effects: type=BAKED_POTATO;data=0;amount=1;durability=0;displayname=&2Effects;lore=null;
    InvitePlayers: type=SKULL_ITEM;data=0;amount=1;durability=0;displayname=&2InvitePlayers;lore=null;

    HealthAmount: 'type=REDSTONE;data=0;amount=1;durability=0;displayname=&2HealthAmount;lore=&2Current
      HealthAmount: &4xhealthamountx;lore=&0[&aLeft&0] &2click to add 2.;lore=&0[&aRight&0]
      &2click to remove 2.;lore=&0[&aMiddle&0] &2click to add 10.;lore=&0[&aShift&0] &2click
      to reset.;'

    TeamSize: 'type=DIAMOND_SWORD;data=0;amount=1;durability=0;displayname=&2TeamSize;lore=&2Current
      Teamsize: &4xteamsizex;lore=&0[&aLeft&0] &2click to add.;lore=&0[&aRight&0] &2click
      to remove.;lore=&0[&aShift&0] &2click to remove all.;lore=&0[&aScroll&0] &2click
      to add 10.;'

    WalkSpeed: 'type=REDSTONE;data=0;amount=1;durability=0;displayname=&2WalkSpeed;lore=&2Current
      WalkSpeed: &4xwalkspeedx;lore=&0[&aLeft&0] &2click to add 0.1.;lore=&0[&aRight&0]
      &2click to remove 0.1.;lore=&0[&aShift&0] &2click to reset.;'

    WeatherType: 'type=FEATHER;data=0;amount=1;durability=0;displayname=&2WeatherType;lore=&2Current
      WeatherType: &4xweathertypex;lore=&0[&aLeft&0] &2click to change CLEAR.;lore=&0[&aRight&0]
      &2click to change DOWNFALL.;'

    WorldTime: 'type=FEATHER;data=0;amount=1;durability=0;displayname=&2WorldTime;lore=&2Current
      WorldTime: &4xworldtimex;lore=&0[&aLeft&0] &2click to add 100.;lore=&0[&aRight&0]
      &2click to add 1000.;lore=&0[&aMiddle&0] &2click to add 5000.;lore=&0[&aShift&0]
      &2click to reset.;'

    PrivateGame: 'type=FEATHER;data=0;amount=1;durability=0;displayname=&2Private Game;lore=&2Join
      available: &4xbooleanx;lore=&0[&aLeft&0] &2click to change TRUE.;lore=&0[&aRight&0]
      &2click to change FALSE.;'

    Enabled: true
    DisplayName: '&2TeamBattle'
    - '&2Arena: xarenax'
    - '&2Team: xteamx'
    - '&2Kit: xkitx'

    HideOtherPlayers: true


      NoPermission: xprefixx &4You dont have permission.
      Player: 'xprefixx &4Unknown Player: &cxplayerx'
      Number: 'xprefixx &4Unknown number: &cxnumberx'
      Team: 'xprefixx &4Unknown team: &cxteamx'
      Color: 'xprefixx &4Unknown color: &cxcolorx'
      HasAlreadyGame: xprefixx &4You already have a game.
      HasNoGame: xprefixx &4You are not in a game.
      NoCreator: xprefixx &4You are not the creator.
      AlreadyStarting: xprefixx &4Game already in session.
      Leaved: xprefixx &2You left the Game.
      TargetNoCreator: xprefixx &4xtargetx is not the creator of the game!
      TargetHasNoGame: xprefixx &4xtargetx is not in a game.
      NotInvited: xprefixx &4You were not invited.
      TargetAlreadyInvited: xprefixx &4xtargetx already invited.
      TargetAlreadyInOtherGame: xprefixx &4xtargetx is already in a other session.
      Started: xprefixx &2Game started.
      NotFreeArena: xprefixx &4There are no free arenas.
      NotAllowedToTypeCommands: xprefixx &4Your are not allowed to type commands.
      List: 'xprefixx &2Game id''s: &0[&axgamesx&0]&2.'
      InvitingAll: xprefixx &2Inviting all players.
      InvitedAll: xprefixx &2Invited all players.
      ArenaAlreadyInUse: 'xprefixx &4Arena: xarenax is already in use.'
      TargetsGameIsPrivate: xprefixx &4This game is private, try another.
      Created: 'xprefixx &2Arena: xarenax created.'
      Removed: 'xprefixx &2Arena: xarenax removed.'
      NotFound: 'xprefixx &4Arena: xarenax not found.'
      AlreadyExists: 'xprefixx &4Arena: xarenax aleady exists.'
      SetLobby: 'xprefixx &2Arena: xarenax. Lobby set.'
      SetRegion: 'xprefixx &2Arena: xarenax. Arena region set.'
      CannotSetRegion: 'xprefixx &4Arena: xarenax. Region cannot be set.'
      TeamAdd: 'xprefixx &2Arena: xarenax. Team xteamx location added.'
      TeamClear: 'xprefixx &2Arena: xarenax. Team xteamx locations cleared.'
      MaxTeamSizeChanged: 'xprefixx &2Arena: xarenax. Max team size changed to: xmaxteamsizex.'
      List: 'xprefixx &2Arenas: &0[&axarenasx&0]&2.'
      Created: 'xprefixx &2Kit: xkitx created.'
      Removed: 'xprefixx &2Kit: xkitx removed.'
      NotFound: 'xprefixx &4Kit: xkitx not found.'
      AlreadyExists: 'xprefixx &4Kit: xkitx aleady exists.'
      SetEquipment: 'xprefixx &2Kit: xkitx equipment set.'
      SetItem: 'xprefixx &2Kit: xkitx item set.'
      NoItemInHand: xprefixx &4You have no item in your hand.
      List: 'xprefixx &2Kits: &0[&axkitsx&0]&2.'
      Created: 'xprefixx &2Team: xteamx created.'
      Removed: 'xprefixx &2Team: xteamx removed.'
      AlreadyExists: 'xprefixx &4Team: xteamx aleady exists.'
      NotFound: 'xprefixx &4Team: xteamx not found.'
      SetColor: 'xprefixx &2Team: xteamx color set to xcolorx.'
      List: 'xprefixx &2Teams: &0[&axteamsx&0]&2.'
        SelectRegion: xprefixx &4Please select a region with WorldEdit!

    Prefix: '&0[&2TeamBattle&0]&r'
    ChatFormat: '&0[&8xarenax&0] &7xplayerx: &fxmsgx'

      Disbanded: xprefixx &2Party disbanded.
      Created: xprefixx &2Party created.
      List: 'xprefixx &2Party members: &0[&axplayersx&0]&2.'
      Joined: xprefixx &2xplayerx joined the Party!
      Leaved: xprefixx &2xplayerx leaved the Party.
      YouAreNotInvited: xprefixx &4You are not invited.
      AlreadyExists: xprefixx &4xplayerx already exists.
      AlreadyInvited: xprefixx &4xplayerx already invited.
      Kicked: xprefixx &2xplayerx kicked.
      Invited: xprefixx &2xplayerx invited.
      ReceivedInvitation: xprefixx &2You got an party invitation accept it with /teambattleparty accept xplayerx
      NotFound: xprefixx &4xplayerx not found.
      AlreadyInAParty: xprefixx &4You a already in a party.
      HasNoParty: xprefixx &4You dont have an party.
      NotCreator: xprefixx &4You are dont the creator!
      TargetHasNoParty: xprefixx &4xtargetx is not in a Party.
      TargetNotCreator: xprefixx &4xtargetx is not the creator.

    OwnKills: '&2You have xkillcounterx kills.'
    OwnDeaths: '&2You have xdeathcounterx deaths.'


        Settings: '&2GameSettings:'
        Arenas: '&2Arenas:'
        Kits: '&2Kits:'
        InvitePlayers: '&2Online Players:'
        Effects: '&2Effects:'
        OtherSettings: '&2Other settings:'
        Spectate: '&2Spectate:'
          - '&2Seconds: &cxdurationx'
          - '&2Amplifier: &cxamplifierx'
          - '&0[&aLeft&0] &2click to add 1 second.'
          - '&0[&aMiddle&0] &2click to add 10 seconds.'
          - '&0[&aRight&0] &2click to add 1 amplifier.'
          - '&0[&aShift-Left&0] &2click to change to unlimited.'
          - '&0[&aShift-Right&0] &2click to remove.'

    Settings or other things:

    Debug: false

    Bugs and Features:

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      I know a have a list.
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