TeamChat 1.2

A really simple Staff-Chat-System

  1. Andre_601
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.11
    • 1.12

    What is TeamChat?
    TeamChat is a very easy to use, Staff-Chat-Plugin!
    Unlike every other plugin, that are like "/<command> [Message]" to write in a adminchat, TeamChat removes that COMPLETELY!

    How to use.
    1. Define a letter or word, that should be used, to write in the Staff-Chat.
      (Its the exclamation mark (!) by default)
    2. Choose, if the message should be visible in the console. These messages will have the prefix [TeamChat].
    3. Choose the format of the staff-Chat.
      You can use the following placeholders:
      • %playername%: Will be replaced with the normal playername
        For example: Player insteadof [Group] Player
      • %displayname%: Will be replaced by the actual look of the playername, that can be seen in the normal chat.
      • %msg%: Will be replaced by the message, that the player write.
    4. Save everything and reload the plugin with /tc reload
    5. Now give every player, that should write in the staff-chat the permission and you're done!
    Now you can just write in the Staff-Chat by using the defined letter or word at the start of your message.

    Knwown problems:
    • Some symbols will not be removed in the message.
      One of them is the dollar symbol ($)

    Commands and permissions.
    /tc reload (teamchat.admin)
    Command to reload the config.yml
    Permission, to send and receive messages in the Staff-Chat.

    The message in the staff-chat

    and a normal message...

    If ShowOnConsole is set to true, every message in the staff-chat will be seen in the console with the prefix [TeamChat].


Recent Updates

  1. Bugfix
  2. Update to Spigot 1.12

Recent Reviews

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    Version: 1.2
    Awesome plugin! Easy Config and Lightweight, perfekt for our TeamChat!
    Server 1.11.2
    1. Andre_601
      Author's Response
      Thanks for your rewiev