Teams 1.1.9

Advanced PvP related Teaming

  1. HawkSoldier
    A PvP related Teaming plugin!

    What is this 'Teams' plugin?
    Team is a plugin which relies on Skript. It makes players create their own Team. And it's very lightweight as well.

    Inviting players to team
    Removing players from your team
    Unable to hit team-mates
    Full help support
    Listing of team-mates
    Ability for Staff to control Teams
    Ability to change the amount of players people can team with!
    Supported Configuration

    1. Download Skript (Version 2.0 or higher) and run it
    2. Download the file
    3. Go to: /plugins/Skript/scripts and put in there
    4. Put in there as well (Optional but Recommended)
    5. Restart the server or do /skript reload (Teams or all)

    Player commands:
    /team - For a list of commands
    /team help - for a list of commands
    /team add (player) - To invite a player to team
    /team invite (player) - To invite a player to team
    /team remove (player) - To remove a player from your team
    /team tp (player) - To teleport to a team mate
    /team list - To check your team-mate

    Staff commands:
    /team list (player) - List a player's team-mate
    /team set (player) (player) - Set 2 players to team with eachother
    /team delete (player) (player) - Remove player 2 from player 1's team
    /team reload - reload the config

    Every command can be used as /teams (command)

    teams.use - Permission for the /team command (required)

    Player permissions:
    teams.player - Permission to use all the Player commands, so permissions below are not needed
    teams.invite - Permission for /team add and /team invite
    teams.accept - Permission for /team accept
    teams.remove - Permission for /team remove - Permission for /team tp
    teams.list - Permission for /team list

    Staff permissions:
    teams.staff - Permission to use all the Staff commands, so permissions below are not needed
    teams.staff.list - Permission for /team list (player). teams.list required
    teams.staff.set - Permission for /team set
    teams.staff.delete - Permission for /team delete

    Admin permissions:
    teams.admin - Permission to use all the Admin commands, so permissions below are not needed
    teams.admin.reload - Permission for /team reload

    Skript (Version 2.0 or higher)

    PM me or add me on Skype: JeroenROerlemans
    If you have any suggestions? Post these in the Comments or leave a review!

    How do I access the config?
    Edit the file, at the top you will find the config settings!

    Updates version 1.1.X

    Version 1.0.1
    Added specific permissions for each command

    Version 1.1
    Added a config

    Version 1.1.1
    Added configuration for the amount of players someone can team with
    Added the command /team set

    Version 1.1.5
    Added a seperate config file:

    Version 1.1.6
    Added command /team reload

    Version 1.1.7
    Fixed adding/inviting, you can no longer invite nor add yourself as a friend
    If you already had the plugin you will only need to update
    Credits to Maxcy (If you have any suggestions? Post them at Discussions or leave a review!)

    Version 1.1.8
    Added /team tp and the option to enable/disable it in the config

    Version 1.1.9
    Fixed the max team player amount and some other minor stuff

    Coming soon:
    Specific permissions for each command <- Done
    Some config options <- Done

    A seperate config file
    Additional PvP plugins

    Support the Development of Teams and my other plugins by donating!

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Recent Reviews

  1. LIWK
    Version: 1.1.9
    Can you please add team prefix like if Kulzs creates team named OpTEAM then in chat it shows like [OpTEAM] (group) Player name
  2. TamataPvP
    Version: 1.1.9
    good job thats good script

    i want to see other plugins from you you surprise me because everytime when i download skript from spigot there is fails ';c
  3. marcellmit2l
    Version: 1.1.6
    Nice Skript!

    Can you set the Teaming in only one World?

    1. HawkSoldier
      Author's Response
      I emply that soon, it's gonna take a while:D
      And thank you!
  4. Macxy
    Version: 1.1.2
    some kinda of fix i hope u don't mind sir:D

    if arg-1 is "invite": or "add"
    add this line

    if arg-2 is player:
    message "%{prefix}%: %{colour.main}%Sorry you can't invite yourself"

    it will stop players from invite themselfs xD
    some trolls might's enjoy that.
    1. HawkSoldier
      Author's Response
      Wow, thank you!
      I totally didn't notice that, I will emply that in the next update!
  5. hjh155
    Version: 1.0.1
    An absolutely BRILLIANT plugin now my players can team with others! It's also good for Factions and Cops and Robbers!!!
    Thanks So Much HawkSoldier!
    1. HawkSoldier
      Author's Response
      Thank you :D
  6. Macxy
    Version: 1.0.1
    great job,
    if you don't mind author. i made a custom version of your teams
    to fit my server needs =) i hope you don't mind

    i added custom action bar / titles and stuff .. great timing btw.
    i was almost about to start do my own skript
    1. HawkSoldier
      Author's Response
      Thank you :D
      And that is no problem at all, I make plugins for people to use it, and if that means that you have to edit it a bit, then that is totally fine!
      As long as you don't copy my Skript to post your own :D