Teams 2.1

Do you want to team with a buddy? Then this is the plugin for you!

  1. Teg
    This plugin simply provides the functionality of Teams! It disables PvP between people in the same group.

    • Create and delete teams
    • Allow players to join teams
    • Colored team names
    • Multi world support
    • Optional chat integration
    • Disable leaving a team after a configurable time (optional)
    • All teams are easily editable in one config file
    /team join <team> - Joins a team
    /team leave - Leaves your current team
    /team list - Lists all teams that you can join
    /team pvp - Enable PvP between team members
    /team forceleave [player] - Forcibly leaves a team

    teams.* - Gives access to all team commands.
    teams.forceleave - Permission to forcibly leave a team
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Recent Reviews

  1. bbman1214
    Version: 2.1
    This is honestly one if the hardest to find but best team plugin out there! Thanks for making! :) :)
  2. Betob89
    Version: 2.1
    The best plugins of team. Thanks for create .......................................................................
  3. Wranger
    Version: 2.1
    This plugin is perfect and is exactly what I was looking for to make my server unique from all the others. Thank you for making great, unique and simple plugin.