TeamSpeak Extension For Party and Friends Extended Edition 0.4.0

Adds a link between Party and Friends and TeamSpeak

  1. TheDarkOneX1524
    Version: 0.2.13-SNAPSHOT
    This is making party and friends so much more useful. Now my players can see if there friends are online in the ts and which channel they need to join. That is so cool.
  2. doublenull
    Version: 0.2.6-SNAPSHOT
    I really like this extension, it is a really good one for my server. It is also working quite well even though it is still in beta. I hope you will keep developing and working on this and all your other resources! :)
  3. MJGamingHDTV
    Version: 0.2.4-SNAPSHOT
    A very nice plugin :D
    it is a perfect solution for my teamspeak and my MC-Server !
    Thank you very much for this!