TeamSpeak Extension For Party and Friends Extended Edition 0.2.16-SNAPSHOT

Adds a link between Party and Friends and TeamSpeak

  1. Enhanced loading time

    • Enhanced loading time
  2. Updated libaries for enhanced performance

    • Updated two libraries. The plugin now works faster and errors are now more detailed
    • Use of some new Party and Friends features
  3. Improved performance

  4. Fixed some bugs

    • Fixed some color bugs
    • Fixed a problem with player joining and disconnecting directly
    • Fixed that some placeholders were not replaced
  5. Speed improvements

    • The plugin will now run a little bit faster
  6. Fixed a problem

    • Fixed a problem which occurred for some who used a different VirtualServer then 1
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  7. Added possebility to select virtual server

    • Added possebility to select virtual server in the config
  8. Fixed not sending authentication request invitation

    • Fixed not sending authentication request invitation
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  9. Fixed many bugs

    • Using another way to cache to prevent problems, even if two clients from the same ip address were connected, but there is still a problem which may never can be resolved:
      • Problems with servers where the extension is installed also another ts client is running, which causes that the names of both ts clients are switched when another user gets a pm from one of both clients, if the client to which the pm was sended rejoins
    • Fixed language mistakes
    • Fixed that...
  10. Fixed some caching problems

    • Fixed some caching problems