TeamSpeakBot 0.0.1 (BETA)

A modular TeamSpeak administration bot.

  1. Dominik48N
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    The TeamSpeak Bot is an administration bot that manages your TeamSpeak server. The bot is divided into different modules, all of which can be deactivated. In general, you can configure the entire bot via the created config.json file.

    Please make sure that your TeamSpeak Query and TeamSpeak Connection data are entered correctly in the created config.json.

    If you notice a bug or if you have an idea what you can add to the TeamSpeak Bot, please create an issue in GitHub and give it the appropriate label.

    • AFK-Mover
    • Support-Manager
    • Join Message

    • Download the jar file.
    • Upload the jar file to your server.
    • Execute the jar file with the command `java -jar {filename}.jar`
    • Set your TeamSpeak Connection and TeamSpeak Query data in config.json so that the bot connects.
    • Restart the bot and enjoy it

    • A windows or linux system
    • Java 8+