TeamspeakVerifier - Connect Minecraft with Teamspeak 3

Connects your Minecraft Server with your Teamspeak Server

  1. XmaxX_1
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.8


    You can connect your Minecraft server with your Teamspeak server easily!
    If a user wants to get a rank on the teamspeak server, he just has to type in /teamspeak verify.
    The only thing is, he has to have the same ip address and the same name as on the minecraft server.


    1. Download the plugin
    2. Put it in your /plugins folder
    3. Start the server
    4. Configure the config.yml
    5. Restart the server!

    Permissions + Commands

    /teamspeak verify - Verifies you - No permissions

    /teamspeak info - Info about the plugin - teamspeak.admin

    /teamspeak reload - Reloads the config - teamspeak.admin

    Wanna test the plugin?

    No problem.
    Join my server:


    Don't worry if my english is bad. I'm german.
    Please tell me if you have questions to this plugin!
    Skype: ilouisx3

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Recent Reviews

  1. joshua7842
    Version: 3
    Ansich ein gutes Plugin nur leider ist das so das ich ingame den Befehl mache und dann da steht: "Du musst auf den Teamspeak3 Server mit dem gleichen Namen sein" obwohl ich dort genauso heiße wie Ingame
    deshalb nur 2 Sterne
  2. UnkreativePerson
    Version: 3
    es passiert einfach nichts es wird keine ServerQuery auf den Teamspeak geladen somit eigentlich 0 Sterne weil es einfach nicht funktioniert!
  3. lferezy4
    Version: 2016-04-11
    When i try to load the plugin it just crashes the server :/ it would be a great plugin to use but it just crashes my server. any advice?
    1. XmaxX_1
      Author's Response
      Download the newest version man... As i said, i can't upload the plugin to spigot... look above and download from "Download here"
  4. Acenox
    Version: 2016-04-11

    This is a very good plugin but I give it 4 stars for the following reason:

    When we put the plugin for the first time (it is not configured) server lag énormémement! or even no response.

    we must stop the server, but it is executed after 5 minutes ... so this little bug is corrected :)

    If not for the rest I still test if I find bugs :) I Tell
    1. XmaxX_1
      Author's Response
      thank you for you review :)...
      The config.yml loads on the first start that's why you have to stop the server instantly and configure the config.yml... then start again :D