Telecraft 1.4.10

Teleportation system with craftable items and blocks, no commands

  1. fonkfader
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.15
    • 1.16
    Source Code:
    Languages Supported:

    This plugin implement a crafting based teleportation system without the use of commands to feel like vanilla gameplay, Telecraft is intented to be used in survival by player without the need of an admin behind.

    Features :
    • no commands to use only gameplay !
    • Teleport players and mobs by crafting news items like Strangeblocs, arrows, potions, etc...
    • Store full chest content in one click with ChestRunes.
    • multi-world.
    • support custom name using anvil and display it as Hologram on placed strangeblock
    • StrangeBlock can be desactivated by owner.
    • redstone support for StrangeBlocks (experimental / optional)
    • map migration friendly with the combo : StrangeRune + ChestRune
    • respect protected areas.
    • configurable options and permissions to adjust to your server.
    • no database (just a backup file used for strangeRunes verification on startup).
    • Non-destructive, if you desactivate the plugin the strangeblocks items will despaw normally, if you subsequently reactivate the plugin the Strangeblocks will be reactivated.


    • Strange Rune : an emerald with strange engraved rune on it that can remember player location in its memory
      • you can SNEAK + RIGHT CLICK a bloc to ignite its memory and store player position in it...
      • you can rename it with an anvil (and be displayed if crafted in a Strangeblock)
      • you can teleport with if you enable the permission "telecraft.player.rune.teleport" but it's not recommanded if you want balanced gameplay
    • Strange Block : this bloc can teleport players and mobs to the location stored in the StrangeRune used to craft it.
      • Can only be crafted with memory ignited Strange Runes
      • LEFT CLICK the Strange Block to Teleport near entitys...
      • RIGHT CLICK the Strange Block to desactivate it (or change display name color)
      • Sneak to destroy it and drop the rune.
    • Piece of Rune : break your StrangeRune into several pieces to use in potions
      • can only be obtained by using a memory ignited Strange Runes...
    • Spawn Rune : this craft ignite the rune memory with the current world spawn location.
      • Can only be crafted with a clean Strange Rune (no memory)
    • Rune potion : Teleport the player to the "piece of rune" location used to craft the potion.
    • Splash Rune potion : Teleport Dudes near impact ...
    • Persistent splash potion : Teleport Dudes in the cloud area...
    • Strange Arrow : Teleport Dudes near impact ...
    • Death Rune : return to your last death location.
      • click a strangebloc with a death rune in hand to teleport to your last death location
      • cannot be used to craft a StrangeBlock or else
    • ChestRune : Can store items stacks in its memory.
      • store chest (and more) content to the RuneChest memory : SNEAK + RIGHT CLIC
      • drop the RuneChest content into a chest : LEFT CLICK on chest
      • browse RuneChest memory (virtual chest) : SNEAK + CLICK a bloc (other than a chest)
      • interract with Runechest content (need permission)
      • can be used like a personal Teleport Hub, you can use instant teleportation with StrangeRunes stored in (SHIFT + RIGHT CLIC), need the permission true (false by default)
      • cannot be stored in a shulker box
      • cannot be stored in a CHEST RUNE
      • respect protections (LWC,etc...)
    • Voodoo Doll : teleport to the linked entity
      • right click an entity to link the doll.
      • click a strangebloc with a Voodoo Doll in hand to teleport to the linked entity location.
      • cannot be used to craft a StrangeBlock or else
    how to use basics :

    The new item ChestRune :

    Configuration :

    you can configure the name of the items / blocks , plugins messages and some options in configuration file :

    Code (Text):
    ATR_TeleportDelay_PLAYER: 200
    -> time for a player to wait before teleport again
    ATR_TeleportDelay_REDSTONE: 80
    -> Threshold beetween redstone activation
    ATR_TeleportMobs: true
    -> allow mobs to teleport
    ATR_Teleport_Radius: 2
    -> area around the teleporter
    ATR_Teleport_ProtectedArea: true
    -> check if rune can store location in memory in area not owned by the current player
    ATR_SafeTeleport_MaxBlockCheck: 100
    -> max bloc to check before stop an hope to find a safe place
    ATR_EnableDeathRune: false
    -> true to enable DeathRune
    ATR_EnableChestRune: true
    -> false to disable ChestRune
    ATR_ChestRuneSize: 54
    -> size of the chestRune memory must be multiple of 9 and max is 54
    ATR_SplashPotion_Radius: 1
    -> area affected by the splash potion
    ATR_Arrow_Radius: 0
    -> area affected around the arrow
    ATR_Arrow_Dammages: false
    -> Does arrow dammage or not
    ATR_SplashPotion_ProtectedArea: true
    -> stop the use of splash potion in protected area
    ATR_CostToUse: true
    -> enable a price to pay for use this strange thing
    ATR_CostToUseType: HUNGER
    -> cost type can be HUNGER / EXP / LIFE (but no money please)
    ATR_CostToUseAmount: 3
    -> the price to pay for use this strange thing
    ATR_StrangeBlocDropAmount: 8
    -> number of Obsidian dropped when breaking a StrangeBlock
    ATR_StrangeBlocRedstone: true
    -> enable redstone on StrangeBlock (BE CAREFULL CAN BE LOUD FOR CPU !)
    ATR_StrangeBlocRedstoneCost: false
    -> enable cost to use for player when teleport on redstone activated StrangeBlocks
    ATR_StrangeBlocRedstoneReverseThreshold: true
    -> reverse the base teleport process ( 1.  Threshold  2. teleport -> 1.teleport 2. Threshold )
    ATR_DisableStBlocksound: false
    -> disable sound during strangeBlock teleport routine
    ATR_DisableStStrikeFX: false
    -> disable thunder strike on teleport
    ATR_StrangeRuneCustomRecipe: false
    -> enable custom recipe for StrangeRune
    - E
    - Y
    -> the shape to use (max 3 caracters / line, max lines 3)
      E: EMERALD
      Y: ENDER_EYE
    -> ingredients used (1 line for each characters used in previous recipe)
    A StrangeRune custom recipe :

    Code (Text):

    ATR_StrangeRuneCustomRecipe: true
    - GRG
    - IEI
    - AGA
      E: EMERALD
      A: AIR

    Permissions :

    Default permissions are defined for balanced gameplay, but you can change them has you like :

    Code (Text):
          description: basic authorization for the use of the plugin by players
          default: true
                description: authorizes the use of rune
                   telecraft.player.rune.crafts: true
                   telecraft.player.rune.use: true
                   telecraft.player.rune.teleport: false
                description: authorizes the use of Strangesblocks
                default: true
                   telecraft.player.block.crafts: true
                   telecraft.player.block.break: true
                   telecraft.player.block.teleport: true
                description: authorizes the use of potions
                default: true
                   telecraft.player.potion.use: true
                   telecraft.player.potion.teleport: true
                description: authorizes the use of splash potions
                default: true
                   telecraft.player.splashpotion.use: true
                   telecraft.player.splashpotion.player: true
                   telecraft.player.splashpotion.mobs: true
             telecraft.player.arrow.use: true
             telecraft.player.deathrune.use: true
             telecraft.player.chestrune.use: true
             telecraft.player.chestrune.inv: false
             telecraft.player.voodoorune.use: false
          description: cost to pay for teleport
          defaults: op
             telecraft.nocost.all: true
             telecraft.nocost.creative: true
          description: remove bad runes
          defaults: op
             telecraft.admin.clean: true
             telecraft.admin.reload: true
    Commands (OP only):


    reload configuration

    # debug commands

    remove corrupted runes accross the worlds and fix deleted runes (clearlagg or other plugins)

    debug messages (can spam a lot in server console) only for dev usage

    Statistics :

    This plugin uses bStats to collect anonymous statistics, which helps a lot to get informations on environement that run Telecraft and feature usage to see what to do next...

    Know issues :

    ClearLagg plugin remove strangebloc emerald items on it, to fix it :

    - update Telecraft to 1.3.7

    Other entity clearing plugin :

    - to restore strange bloc you have to use the command : /runesclean
    - check in the plugin used to clear entity if you have an option to filter Emerald item, if its not possible i recommand not using this plugin with telecraft if you don't want to run /runesclean every time entitys are cleared...

    Thanks to Jai for the english translation fix !

    Bug report and help :
    channel #plugin-telecraft


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