TelegramBridge 0.1.1

Telegram Bot bridge to Minecraft server chat

  1. hedgehoi
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.15
    • 1.16
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    Minecraft Spigot plugin on @pyplugins interpreter to connect Telegram Bot with Server chat.

    This plugin provides messaging between Telegram Chat (through Telegram Bot) and Minecraft Chat.

    Depends: PyPlugins loader.


    1. Bridge
    Connect Telegram group to Minecraft chat.
    1.1 Send message to Telegram using command /tg <text>, receive message from Telegram group (implements in Telegram bot) by RCON using command /tg-response <text>.
    1.2 Send notifications about server startup or shutdown.

    2. Linking
    Allow send message with inline button to private conversations to link accounts using Telegram Bot behaviour.
    See config.yml to configure this part.


    1. Install @pyplugins (required!).
    2. Download latest release.
    3. Copy file to `server/plugins/` directory.
    4. Run server.
    5. Set TOKEN and CHAT_ID in `/plugins/TelegramBridge/config.yml`.
    6. Reload plugin configuration: `/tg-config reload`.
    7. Play and communicate with Telegram Chat!


    You can configure the plugin in `/plugins/TelegramBridge/config.yml` file.


    Q: How it's works?

    The plugin sends messages using the Telegram Bot API. You just need to set the Telegram Bot Token in config.yml.

    To make bridge from Telegram to Minecraft just add RCON connection and command `tg-response <text>` request to your implemented Telegram Bot.


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Recent Updates

  1. Fix Linking
  2. Update Bridge and add Linking