TelegramChat 1.0.16

Brings the ingame chat to Telegram!

  1. update 1.0.16

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  2. update 1.0.15

    • prevent banned players from sending messages from Telegram -> MC
    • fix data.json format (remove leading long value), so it can be edited manually when needed
  3. update 1.0.14

    • fixed #13 (TelegramChat should be compatible with ChatContro in this version)
  4. update update 1.0.13

    • added the class Cancellable that allows developers to cancel the two implemented API methods shown below.
    Example usage:
    Code (Java):
    import de.Linus122.TelegramChat.TelegramActionListener;
    import de.Linus122.TelegramComponents.Chat;
    import de.Linus122.TelegramComponents.ChatMessageToMc;

    public class TelegramListener implements TelegramActionListener {

       public void onSendToMinecraft(ChatMessageToMc msg) {
           if (msg.text.contains("swearword")) {...
  5. update 1.0.12

    • fixed issue #12 that caused the plugin to duplicate messages [Telegram -> Minecraft]
    • modularized the Telegram API a bit (JSON Objects sent from the API servers are now serialized to real Java objects for better handling)
  6. update 1.0.11

    • some code refactoring and restyling
    • put all user messages in the config.yml, so they're now customizable
    • fixed issue #9 that caused the plugin to reconnect instantly
  7. update 1.0.10

    • fixed the issues #7 and #6
  8. update

    This version includes the unofficial version However, the following new features have been added:

    • added an API that allows developers to create bidirectional chat listeners (MC <-> Telegram)
    • converted project to maven
    • fixed the issue #5
  9. update

  10. update

    * fixed text transmission MC -> Telegram
    * general code cleanup
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