TelePads 1.1.01

This plugin adds very simple telepads and telepad API to your server!

  1. Effects and Transitions

    This adds more to the update command, and much more to the tele-pads.
    The effects were experimental and i do NOT recommend using more than 3 as of right now.
    The transitions are fine to use.

    Pad Effects:
    Default : nothing
    Basic : just some swirls
    Smoke : Smoke around primiter
    Fire : fire ring

    Pad Transitions: *fav is jump
    default: Teleports the player with smoke effect
    launch : launched the player in the direction of the current telepads position
    push : same as launch but has a set...
  2. Efficiency and Adaptability

    This is a much much more efficient plugin version, specifically for larger servers. This solved a few things
    - leaving and re-entering a tele-pad region resets the timer completely
    - hopping between teleportpads during the timer will not cause glitches/miss teleports
    - create command changed
    - avoid command added (avoid using pads)
    - remove all pads command added
    - pads help command updated
    - players cannot fly,glide,or sneak during a teleport. If the player has waited the queue time,...