TelePlates 1.2

Simple Teleporter Plates supporting Vault permissions

  1. patroclos
    • Extremely easy to use
    • Powerful and stable Teleportation Plate plugin
    Put the jar-File inside you plugins folder and restart or reload the server.

    Create Teleporters by sneaking and placing 2 golden pressureplates.
    When you destroy one of these plates the other one will be removed too.

    If you dont use a permissions plugin only ops will be able to create or destroy teleporters and any one will be able to use them.


    - TelePlates.create
    - TelePlates.destroy
    - TelePlates.use
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Recent Reviews

  1. kwiknik
    Version: 1.2
    This is fantastic, thank you. I'm using it with Spigot 1.8.8 .

    The simplicity really is marvellous, and I love the sound and smoke when you teleport, great work :)

    Two issues:


    * It seems your orientation is fixed to a particular axis when you teleport. It would be nice if this related to the orientation when you place the teleplate. So e.g. my view vector is closest to the positive x axis when placing the plate, so that's where my player is looking when I emerge from that plate.


    * I created a teleplate pair with one teleplate on top of a block of acacia planks at ground level, the other to a "sky palace" where the teleplate is on top of two stone slabs on top of each other (so they form 1 whole block) with nothing but air below.

    Teleporting from the sky to the ground works fine, but teleporting from the ground to the sky causes me to fall through the slabs to my death :)

    It would be nice to fix this, but obviously it's not a big deal.

    For now I've simply raised up the teleplates in the sky palace by one block, and that's resolved the issue.


    Thanks again.
    1. patroclos
      Author's Response
      First of all, thank you for you feedback!
      The teleplates dont mess with your orientation, but if you need that I will implement that shortly.

      I also tested out the scenario you described in your second issue and it worked perfectly for me.
      But if you want you can contact me on skype(patroclos09) or on this forum to show me what you mean.
  2. JordiAB
    Version: 1.1
    Please disable teleplates in regions worldguard and precious stones!
    That is a big mistake ! Fix it please!
    1. patroclos
      Author's Response
      If you dont want teleplates in your wg and ps regions dont put them there!