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  1. ArvinCiu
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.7
    • 1.8
    • 1.9
    • 1.10
    • 1.11
    • 1.12
    ««My Plugin»»
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    Teleportation is important things for teleporting player to other players.
    »»Teleport with Request / No Request««
    »»Teleporation Delay««
    »»YML Storage««
    »»Configurable Messages««
    »»Confiugrable Settings««
    »»Sound Effects««
    »»Changeable Prefix««
    »»/tp <player> - Teleport to Player's Location««
    »»/tp <x> <y> <z> - Teleport to A Coordinat««
    »»/tphere <player> - Teleport Player to Your Location««
    »»/tpa <player> - Send teleport request to teleport You to Player's Location««
    »»/tpahere <player> - Send teleport request to teleport Player to Your Location««
    »»/tpaccept - Accept teleporation request««
    »»/tpdeny - Decline teleporation request««
    »»/warp - See warp list««
    »»/setwarp <name> - Set warp at Your Location««
    »»/delwarp <name> - Delete warp name from Warp List««
    »»/tptoggle - Others Player can't teleport you««
    »»/home <name> - Teleport to your home««
    »»/delhome <name> - Remove your home««
    »»/sethome <name> - Set your home««
    »»/spawn - Teleport to Spawn««
    »»/delspawn - Remove Spawn point««
    »»/setspawn - Set Spawn point««
    »»"teleport.admin" - to use /teleport [for see command list and reload]««
    »»"" - to use /tp««
    »»"teleport.tphere" - to use tphere««
    »»"teleport.tpa" - to use /tpa««
    »»"teleport.tpahere" - to use /tpahere««
    »»"teleport.tpaccept" - to use /tpaccept««
    »»"teleport.tpdeny" - to use /tpdeny««
    »»"teleport.warp.warp" - to use /warp««
    »»"teleport.warp.set" - to use /setwarp««
    »»"teleport.warp.delete" - to use /delwarp««
    »»"teleport.coor" - to use /tp <coor>««
    »»"teleport.toggle" - to use /tptoggle««
    »»"teleport.spawn.spawn" - to use /spawn««
    »»"teleport.spawn.set" - to use /setspawn««
    »»"teleport.spawn.delete" - to use /delspawn««
    »»"teleport.home.home" - to use /home««
    »»"teleport.home.set" - to use /sethome««
    »»"teleport.home.delete" - to use /delhome««
    »»"teleport.home.amount.<number>" - to give maximum home««

    Disable Warp feature temporary not work for now
    please wait for the next version !

    I'm sorry if there are still bugs because I just rewrote everything
    thanks :)

    Add More Particle Effect ! Coming soon !
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    Dont put error log at review, Please put it at thread !
    Can we reach 15 reviews ?!?!

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Recent Reviews

  1. Inysal
    Version: 3.0c
    Thanks to the latest update, you can set homes, and easily teleport to players or send request. Easy to use, easy to setup. Working great on 1.11.2 Spigot.
  2. Novial
    Version: 2.5
    I like this plugin and it's features, but it doesn't work with Essentials well. I want to keep my warps, but they're missing. Can you make this essentials-friendly? Also when i removed the plugin my essentials /warp, /tpa, /tp, etc is broken
    1. ArvinCiu
      Author's Response
      Sorry i removed disable warp feature :( beause it's have risk.
      I tested my plugin without essentials plugin, and its work perfectfully
  3. YuThGames
    Version: 2.4c
    Second review because my first was... stupid xD ------------------------------------------
    1. ArvinCiu
      Author's Response
      No Problem, thanks for the review anyway.
      Go try the new version ! you can change the title message now :)
  4. TheEnderWTF
    Version: 2.4
    Cuando creo un warp, lo pongo para que este de frente osea mirando a un punto pero cuando uso el debido warp la direccion de mi "cabeza" cambia siempre mirando al norte y eso es molesto.
    1. ArvinCiu
      Author's Response
      You should message me to fix it, don't put it on review man.
  5. GFrancoH36
    Version: 2.3b
    Excelente Plugin! Es Increíble que algo tan básico del Minecraft como es el /tp lo conviertas en algo tan Personalizable y Genial! Te mereces +10 Estrellas!

    • Sugerencias:
    - Añadir Comandos mas Cortos (Como por Ejemplo el /tpyes o /tpno)
    - Añadir comando /tpreload o parecido :D

    Atte: GaboFranH36!_YT
    1. ArvinCiu
      Author's Response
      Thanks for the good review !, I will add your suggestion to my to do list.
      Sorry can't reply with Spanish ! :D
  6. Clusters_stars
    Version: 2.1
    1. ArvinCiu
      Author's Response
      Thanks for the review ! Sure, you can share it :D
  7. lukasaku13
    Version: 2.0c
    Very good plugin but how alterate messages in json ? my server in portuguese brazilian :t
    1. ArvinCiu
      Author's Response
      Thanks for the review ! Your suggest added to plugin !
  8. gohawks18
    Version: 2.0c
    Excellent plugin works exactly as advertised! Dev is very friendly and helpful. We were having a problem and he fixed it right away, within hours of my post! If you are looking for a teleport plugin look no further
    1. ArvinCiu
      Author's Response
      Thanks for the review ! :D tell me if u found some bug again XD
  9. Roper89
    Version: 2.0b
    Very good plugin ! :-) Easy to use. Confirmation of the request by clicking on the button
    1. ArvinCiu
      Author's Response
      Thanks for the review Roper89 ! :D
  10. lapoxd2
    Version: 1.6b
    Buen plugin hijo de tu puta madre +5 estrellas sigue asi :v ASDASDASDSADSA (pa no esperar el Submit)
    1. ArvinCiu
      Author's Response
      Thanks for the review ! :D