Teleport+ [1.7.X - 1.12.X] || Best Plugin for Teleportation ! 4.2c

Recommended plugin for teleportation

  1. ArvinCiu
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.7
    • 1.8
    • 1.9
    • 1.10
    • 1.11
    • 1.12
    ArvinCS (Author)
    Languages Supported:
    Configurable in language file
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    Teleport+ is best plugin for teleportation, teleportation is important things for teleporting player to other players.
    And Teleport+ is more easier and fantastic than other plugins !

    Soft Depends:
    - Vault [For Teleport/Warp/RTP Cost]
    - HolographicDisplays [For Hologram Countdown Mode]
    << Need Video [For who want making it]>>
    Teleport with Request / No Request

    Warps & Homes
    ⭐ JSON
    ⭐ Text
    ⭐ Different Permission, Delay per warp

    Random Teleport with Different permission, delay, other per rtp

    Teleporation Delay

    Colorful Particle

    YML Storage

    Configurable Messages

    Configurable Settings

    Sound Effects

    Changeable Prefix

    /teleport <reload/help> - Teleport+ Main Command

    /tp <player> - Teleport to Player's Location

    /tp <x> <y> <z> - Teleport to A Coordinat

    /tphere <player> - Teleport Player to Your Location

    /tpa <player> - Send teleport request to teleport You to Player's Location

    /tpahere <player> - Send teleport request to teleport Player to Your Location

    /tpaccept - Accept teleporation request

    /tpdeny - Decline teleporation request

    /warp - See warp list

    /setwarp <name> - Set warp at Your Location

    /delwarp <name> - Delete warp name from Warp List

    /tptoggle - Others Player can't teleport you

    /home <name> - Teleport to your home

    /delhome <name> - Remove your home

    /sethome <name> - Set your home

    /spawn - Teleport to Spawn

    /delspawn - Remove Spawn point

    /setspawn - Set Spawn point

    /back - Back to Last Location

    /tpall - Teleport all players to you

    /seehomes - See other player's home

    ⤜/randomteleport or /rtp - open Random Teleport GUI
    "teleport.admin" - to use /teleport [for see command list and reload]

    "teleport.particle" - to enable particle when teleport

    "" - to use /tp

    "teleport.tphere" - to use tphere

    "teleport.tpa" - to use /tpa

    "teleport.tpahere" - to use /tpahere

    "teleport.tpaccept" - to use /tpaccept

    "teleport.tpdeny" - to use /tpdeny

    "teleport.warp.warp" - to use /warp

    "teleport.warp.set" - to use /setwarp

    "teleport.warp.delete" - to use /delwarp
    "teleport.warp.edit" - to edit warp in Game and see all blacklisted warp

    "teleport.coor" - to use /tp <coor>

    "teleport.toggle" - to use /tptoggle

    "teleport.spawn.spawn" - to use /spawn

    "teleport.spawn.set" - to use /setspawn [name]

    "teleport.spawn.delete" - to use /delspawn

    "teleport.home.home" - to use /home

    "teleport.home.set" - to use /sethome

    "teleport.home.delete" - to use /delhome

    "teleport.home.see" - to use /seehomes

    "teleport.home.amount.<number>" - to give maximum home

    "teleport.back" - to use /back

    "teleport.tpall" - to use /tpall

    "teleport.bypass" - to bypass cooldown

    "teleport.savebed" - to save sleep location

    "teleport.rtp" - to use /randomteleport

    "teleport.rtp.edit" - to edit random teleport in Game
    Teleport+ is a free plugin, you can donate me if u want support me.

    Thanks to:

    Brian Roy [Spigot: broyuken] - $10
    Josef Frick [Spigot: enterih] - $15
    Buck Duck [Spigot: stellan] - $5
    Thank you so much for your appreciation ^_^
    Q: How to config my warp in game ?
    A: make sure you have "teleport.warp.edit" permission and warp type be "GUI" mode, then right click the warp.

    Q: How to config my random teleport in game ?
    A: same like above answer, but you must have "teleport.rtp.edit" permission.
    I'm sorry if there are still bugs because I just rewrote everything
    thanks :)

    Add More Particle Effect ! Coming soon !
    Dont forget to review my plugins !

    Dont put error log at the review, Please put it at the thread !
    Can we reach 40 reviews ?!?!

    Spigot - Arvin Ciu

    Discord - Arvin#7873

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Recent Reviews

  1. TheIntelloBox
    Version: 4.2c
    Good plugin but the author always ignore me, I don't know why. I have a bug with the /warp but he never answers to me. I hope he will with this review.
  2. zoma
    Version: 4.1b
    the best teleport plugin!
    great author!very fast fix error bugs!!
    this worth having 50 stars!
    1. ArvinCiu
      Author's Response
      Thanks zoma ! xD
  3. Nachtaktiv
    Version: 4.1
    Well guys. This author implemented like 50 wishes for me :D
    He is more active than Trump is on Twitter. You should use it for teleportation!
    1. ArvinCiu
      Author's Response
      HAHA, more active than trump. Thanks for the review man ! :D
  4. JeckTn-Gaming
    Version: 4.1
    It's the best teleport plugin. I hope in the next update, I will add Gui some decoration, more json message and more, the author can add random teleport function to any biome or multiple biome. If so, what better? Thx.
    1. ArvinCiu
      Author's Response
      Thanks man ! your suggestion i will put in my to do list
  5. BlackNike6
    Version: 4.1
    The best plugin, i add only that you can change when you were teleported i see Teleport+, But is the best ;D
    1. ArvinCiu
      Author's Response
      Thanks man, i will make it configurable in next update ! :D
  6. Nachtaktiv
    Version: 4.0
    The plugin become so amazing in the past weeks. It was really good at all time, but the developer put so much work in it.
    Everyday i have like 5 wishes and he makes it possible!
    1. ArvinCiu
      Author's Response
      Thanks for the stars ^^
  7. Interleace_
    Version: 3.9b
    one of the best teleport plugins i ever seen, great job man! so many things, permissions...
    1. ArvinCiu
      Author's Response
      Thanks man for the 5 stars, I will continue to update & improve this plugin.
  8. adamawesome135
    Version: 3.9b
    Great Developer, Added things I requested fixes bugs constantly and updates a lot recommend using this for any kind of server :D
    1. ArvinCiu
      Author's Response
      Thanks man for the 5 stars :D
  9. Roy7885
    Version: 3.8c
    Great! Great! Great! Great! Great! Great! Great! Great! Great! Great! Great! Great!
    1. ArvinCiu
      Author's Response
      Thanks ! thanks ! thanks !
  10. BlueObsidian
    Version: 3.8b
    Tambahin faction warp donk :3
    FactionWarp nya nanti cuman bisa diakses oleh membernya saja.
    1. ArvinCiu
      Author's Response
      Oke, makasih 5 bintangnya