Teleport+ [1.7.X - 1.13.X] | Best Plugin for Teleportation ! 5.5e

Recommended plugin for teleportation

  1. ArvinCiu
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.7
    • 1.8
    • 1.9
    • 1.10
    • 1.11
    • 1.12
    • 1.13
    ArvinCS (Author), MNabil21 (Designer)
    Languages Supported:
    Multi Language (Configurable)


    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]


    Soft Depends (Not Mandatory) :
    - Vault [For Teleport/Warp/RTP Cost]



    Teleport+ is a free plugin, you can donate me if u want support me for my future and help me to add more ram to my pc so i can programming comfortably

    Thanks to:

    "from broyuken, thanks for all the work on the plugin!"
    Brian Roy [Spigot: broyuken] - $10

    "You're doing a great job with reputation use it for good things Not for smoking, alcohol or drugs ..."

    Josef Frick [Spigot: enterih] - $15

    "thanks for teleport plugin ;3"

    Buck Duck [Spigot: stellan] - $5

    Thank you so much for your appreciation ^_^

    Q: How to config my warp in game ?
    A: make sure you have "teleport.warp.edit" permission and warp type be "GUI" mode, then right click the warp.

    Q: How to config my random teleport in game ?
    A: same like above answer, but you must have "teleport.rtp.edit" permission.

    Q: Can i convert all home /warp from essentials to teleport+ ?
    A:Yes you can, the command are /teleport converthome <essentials> and /teleport convertwarp <essentials/easywarp

    Dont put error log at the review, Please put it at the thread !

    Spigot - Arvin Ciu

    Discord - Arvin#7873

    Follow me for more info and news about my plugins

Recent Reviews

  1. Keopsfenks
    Version: 5.5e
    Hello, Pls update minecraft versions 1.14.4
    I would be very happy if you do something like this.
  2. zerlingg
    Version: 5.5e
    "[ArvinLib] Task #2355 for ArvinLib v1.8g generated an exception"
    it repeats this all the time, its kind of anoying.
  3. Litchytsu
    Version: 5.5e
    Very good and very stable plugin, maybe the best one up there.
    But please update it to 1.14.x, it's one of the latest plugin that have not been updated yet.
    Well I don't want you to rush the update either, just maybe publish something about why you can't update this plugin yet.
    I didn't see any changes in the coords system between 1.13 and 1.14 , maybe there is one ?
  4. TannersPlugins
    Version: 5.5e
    /convertwarp and /converthome dont work. If this is fixed ill fix my review. Hopefully the develpoer sees this.
  5. Camillo82
    Version: 5.5e
    Great plugin, I'm using it on my server and I will gladly donate but please update to 1.14.1 :)
  6. CharlieMcShane
    Version: 5.5e
    Will change rating when plugin is updated. This is the final plugin we're waiting to be updated until our server can successfully upgrade to 1.14!
  7. Albatross
    Version: 5.5e
    I actually like this plugin alot but i can't seem to /tp XYZ which is VERY annoying (i even disabled safe tp in EssentialsX) When i try to /tp XYZ it just gives me the message use /tp coor but when i try and do that it says that /tp coor is an unknown command. Does anyone have a solution for this? (sorry for bad English)
  8. Obsidi4nPvP
    Version: 5.5e
    Nice plugin, fully customizable but i found a bug on command /tphere whitout arguments, if send this commands whit player name all is ok, but if send this commands whitout arguments plugin generated an error. Other error is: if you modify lang file and send command /teleport reload plugin reload but file back on after modify, this not succed if i restart server. Other bug is if send /tp command whit a not online player name the placeholder {TARGET} don't translate and send a messages whit it, this now only in /tp for example in /tpa command the placeholder work good. Please fix this and i'm rating 5 stars.
  9. Mwordlling
    Version: 5.5e
    I have the same problem, players can't teleport over /spawn, there are also problems with /rtp, it works somehow crooked...
  10. ColaIanLau
    Version: 5.5e
    There's some downsides of the plugin: (I tested this plugin in 1.13.2)
    1. Some strings [e.g. Title Text (Teleport+)] is unconfigurable
    2. Sound Volume too high
    3. Particle not showing up
    (maybe you used a wrong particle in the new enum)
    4. When I do /setspawn , OPs can do /spawn to go to spawn, but players need to do "/spawn default" or else it says spawn not found.
    ------More issues to be found, Hope you can------
    Question: Can we actually use flat file storage instead of a database file?