Teleport+ [1.7.X - 1.13.X] | Best Plugin for Teleportation ! 5.5e

Recommended plugin for teleportation

  1. ArvinLib 1.4 || Teleport+ 5.0

    • Recoded all
    • Smooth teleport
    • Better performance
    • Language per player
    • Added biome to rtp
    • Added customize unlocked and locked icon feature
    • Hologram will always in front of you
    • Files more tidy
    • Don't need holographicdisplay depedency
    • Name & Directory path changed from Teleport to TeleportPlus
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  2. Update Log 4.2g

    • Fixed bugs on multiple page gui
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  3. Update Log 4.2e:

    • Fixed player hit in deny pvp region
    • Fixed perms
    • Fixed null error when teleport
    • Fixed player always teleport until he moves
    • Fixed RTP Bug
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  4. Update Log 4.2d:

    • Fixed bed bug
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  5. Update Log 4.2c:

    • Add option to disable/enable actionbar
    • Fixed bug randomteleport under bedrock
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  6. Update Log 4.2b:

    • Fix hostile mob bug
    • Fix RTP bug
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  7. Update Log 4.2:

    • Teleport with Pet
    • Messages now support latin chars and all utf 8
    • World Command
    • Teleport command now work in console
    • Fixed bug, sometime random teleport bring you to under bedrock
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  8. Update Log 4.1b:

    • Fixed Bugs
    • Optimized Title & Subtitle
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  9. Update Log 4.1:

    • Added Multi Spawn
    • Added Random Teleport
    • Added Hologram Countdown Mode [Require HolographicDisplays]
  10. Update Log 4.0:

    • Added blacklist warp feature
    • Fixed some bugs
    • Optimized GUI