Teleport Modules 1.10-SNAPSHOT

Teleport around the world at the cost of a few diamonds without commands

  1. BitLong
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.15
    • 1.16
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    Teleport Modules

    Create your own teleport modules so that you can teleport from anywhere, to anywhere, at a cost.
    What is a teleport module?
    A teleport module is a 3x3 horizontal structure created using 8 diamond blocks, 1 unique block in the center, and 1 enchanting table on top of the unique center block.

    How does it work?
    Players can click the enchanting table to open the teleport module interface. Players can teleport from one module to another in the world at the cost of one, or many diamonds, by clicking the unique block in the interface. The unique block is the block you place in the center of your module.

    How many diamonds does it cost?
    At the moment the cost is 1 diamond per 1,000 blocks. This can be changed using the command indicated below.

    What commands are there?
    The command system uses a specific format

    • /teleportmodule
      • Lists all config values for the plugin.
    • /teleportmodule tiles_per_diamond <amount>
      • Changes the cost of diamonds per X tiles.
    • /teleportmodule cooldown_duration <amount>
      • Changes the cooldown duration to teleport.
    • /teleportmodule cooldown_unit <seconds, minutes, hours day, etc>
      • Change the duration type to any unit of time.

    To-Do List

    • Add a command to rename the display name of the block.
    • Add support for the Vault plugin.

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Recent Reviews

  1. lensfort
    Version: 1.3-SNAPSHOT
    Well done.
    I have been looking for a plugin to replace CreativeGates for a while.
    If you can set a money cost. (Vault) That would be awesome.
    And maybe a way for teleports to be named, other than just by the unique block name would be perfect!!!
    1. BitLong
      Author's Response
      Thank you for the review, and taking the time to review. I can definitely look into Vault and implementing support for it if they have an API. I also intend on adding a command to rename blocks; something to the effect of; /teleportmodules gold_block home