Teleport Modules 1.10-SNAPSHOT

Teleport around the world at the cost of a few diamonds without commands

  1. 1.16.1 Support

    Support for 1.16.1 added. This was simply just to update the spigot dependency. No internal changes were necessary. This is backwards compatible with 1.15.N
  2. 1.9-SNAPSHOT

    Update 1.9-SNAPSHOT
    • Reduced JAR size from 3.5MB to 546KB :)
  3. 1.8-SNAPSHOT | Critical Dependency Fixed

    Update 1.8-SNAPSHOT
    • Fixed an issue with my underlying API that broke the plugin because of a core change. Temporary fixed implemented but will improve API to ensure this doesn't happen again.
  4. 1.7-SNAPSHOT | Small Patch

    Update 1.7
    • Attempting to teleport or teleporting will no longer indicate the plural word diamonds if a single diamond is consumed.
  5. 1.6-SNAPSHOT | Minimum Module Distance

    Update 1.6
    • You have be within 5 tiles of distance of the teleport module when teleporting otherwise the teleport is cancelled or declined.
  6. 1.5-SNAPSHOT | More Commands :)

    Update to version 1.5
    • Cooldown support added so you can not teleport again without waiting the predetermined time. This is not per module, this is globally.
    • Config support for cooldown duration and cooldown unit of time so you can make it any amount of time you want, including 0.
      • For example you can make it 15000 MILLISECONDS, 30 SECONDS, 60 MINUTES, 4 HOURS, etc.
  7. 1.4-SNAPSHOT | Command(s), Bug fixes

    Updated to 1.4
    - You can now change the tiles per diamond config value using the command /teleportmodule tiles_per_diamond 500 for example to set the cost at 500 tiles per diamond. This requires OP permissions by default.
    - Updated API to use ClassGraph instead of Reflections, might revert if the jar size increase is mainly from ClassGraph, haven't analyzed yet.
    - The center block of a teleport module can no longer be lava or water.
    - The center block must have a tile width, height, and...
  8. 1.3-SNAPSHOT | Delay, Particles and Sound

    Updated to 1.3
    • Teleporting to another module is no longer instant, there is a delay of 3 seconds.
    • A sound is made upon teleporting to the other module.
    • A particle effect is displayed when teleporting to another module.
  9. 1.2-SNAPSHOT

    Update 1.2, critical fixes
    • Teleporting to another module will no longer result in potential suffocation. The teleport location is now the center of any of the diamond blocks.
    • Destroying a block that belongs to the module such as any of the diamond blocks, the unique center block, or the enchanting table results in the module being removed.
    • Performance improvements to block placement, block break, inventory events.