Teleport Scrolls Snapshot 1.2

Plug and Play - Adds in craft-able teleport scrolls with tiers

  1. Surfcash
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    • 1.13
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    Plugin Version Guide
    [Snapshot] - Expect updates regularly as well as a possibility for bugs, this is the best time to request features and tell me about bugs.
    [Pre-Release] - Updates are no longer needed as frequently and plugin is deemed relatively bug-less.
    [Release] - Plugin deemed stable and contains most if not all expected features.

    What is Teleport Scrolls
    Teleport Scrolls is a small plugin that adds in craft-able teleport scrolls that come in three tiers (Novice, Advanced, and Master). This plugin is intended to add an RPG friendly alternative or addition to simple home systems. Each scroll is an item and has a number of uses based on the tier, after the scroll runs out of uses it will disappear.

    scrolls.* - Gives permission to spawn in blank and active teleport scrolls (Defaults to OP)

    /scrolls [blank|active] [novice|advanced|master]

    [Novice Scroll]
    - Ingredients: 4 Glowstone Dust, 4 Ender Pearl, 1 Book
    - Uses: 5

    [Advanced Scroll]
    - Ingredients: 4 Ender Pearl, 4 Ghast Tear, 1 Novice Scroll
    - Uses: 25

    [Master Scroll]
    - Ingredients: 4 Ghast Tear, 4 Diamond, 1 Advanced Scroll
    - Uses: Infinite

    Scroll Usage
    [Blank Scroll]
    - Once blank scrolls have been crafted, right clicking them will activate them and store the users current location and facing direction.

    [Active Scroll]
    - Once a blank scroll has been activated, the activated scroll can be right clicked and will teleport the player to the stored location while using one use. Active scrolls can also be placed into item frames and right clicked by anyone (Uses will still be accounted for). Active scrolls item name can be changed in an anvil and will still function properly. Once a scroll is out of uses it will be destroyed.

    Background and Future Changes
    I wrote this plugin for a personal private server but thought I'd make it my first resource. I enjoy constructive feedback, ideas, etc and will implement repetitive or common sense requests ASAP. I plan to write more free small plugins like this in the future. Thanks for reading and hope you enjoy!

    Semi-Anarchy Survival Server by xardoniak


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Recent Reviews

  1. xardoniak
    Version: Snapshot 1.2
    Really like this plugin though I've only had a little play with it.
    I run a semi-anarchy server and don't give my players much for free. They have access to /spawn and /home but both are on delays so if they're attacked during, the teleport is cancelled. I use this plugin to A, allow my players to have more teleport locations and B, teleport instantly

    This is a good solution as it allows more teleports but at a cost