Teleport Signs v2.3.1

Switch servers between using TeleportSigns!

  1. Toldi
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.8
    • 1.9
    • 1.10
    • 1.11
    • 1.12
    • 1.13
    • 1.14
    Source Code:

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    This plugin is useful because servers can be divided into different signs and if you click on one of the players to teleport to the specified server. (Required a BungeeCord server)

    - API for developers
    - Sign auto update
    - Server connect timeout
    - Sign usage time (in seconds), to prevent server suddenly stop, when a player tries to connect to the server twice.
    - Create your own layouts
    - Ignore player sneak when wants to teleport
    - Create your own servers with unlimited servers
    - Background sign (block is color changing), with 3 block type & color
    Creating a sign
    1. Join the server.
    2. Place a sign anywhere.
    3. Write on the first sign line: <[tsigns]> (or <[teleportsigns]>)
    4. Write on the second sign line: <server_name> (which specified in the config.yml file)
    5. Write on the third sign line (optional): [layout_name] (which should be in the layout.yml file)
    < > - required (without <> mark)
    [ ] - optional​
    ( ) = command abbreviations

    < > = required arguments
    • /teleportsigns (or /ts) - Main plugin info.
    • /ts reload (or rl) - Reload the config files.
    • /ts help - Help commands.
    • /ts listservers - Listing available servers that are in the config.
    • /ts listlayouts - Listing available layouts that are in the config.
    • /ts editsign - Edit sign at the look.
    • /ts connect <server> - Connect to the specified server.
    teleportsigns.* - Allow all TeleportSigns permission.
    teleportsigns.use - You can use connect server. - default: true
    teleportsigns.create - You can create the sign. - default: false
    teleportsigns.destroy - You can destroy the sign. - default: false
    teleportsigns.reload - You can use the "/ts reload" command. - default: op
    teleportsigns.listlayouts - You can use the "/ts listlayouts" command. - default: op - You can use "/ts help" command. - default: false
    teleportsigns.listservers - You can use "/ts listservers" command. - default: false
    teleportsigns.editsign - You can use "/ts editsign" command. - default: false
    teleportsigns.connect - You can use "/ts connect" command. - default: false
    teleportsigns.use.nocooldown - You do not have to wait to use the sign. - default: false​

    Code (Text):
    #                TeleportSigns Configuration File                   #
    #                Author, created by: montlikadani                   #
    # [Default configuration]                                           #
    #      #
    #                                                                   #
    # [Tips]                                                            #
    # - If you find a bug, send here:                                   #
    #              #

    # Options
      # Use external server as a hosted server?
      # If false then using internal server.
      external-server: true

      # Log plugin messages into console.
      logconsole: true

      # Sign usage time to prevent twice connect to that server.
      # This will be ignored with this permission: teleportsigns.use.nocooldown
      use-cooldown: 5

      # Sign updates time in ticks.
      # Example: 20 ticks = 1 second
      sign-updates: 200

      # How much time start the server pinging? (In seconds)
      ping-interval: 30

      # Important! If you do not want the pinging to end ping-timeout to be smaller than one and
      # take the ping interval by one more.
      # How much time does the server pinging down? (In seconds)
      ping-timeout: 29

      # Ignoring the player sneaking when clicking on the sign.
      ignore-player-sneaking: true

      # Defines a background of the sign.
        enable: false

        # Possible types: glass, wool, clay
        type: glass

    # The servers that players join.
        # Server IP address and port.
        address: ""

        # Display name that are on the sign.
        displayname: "&6[&cPvP&6]"
        # Server IP address and port.
        address: ""

        # Display name that are on the sign.
        displayname: "&e[&aSurvival&e]"

    #             Plugin Settings             #
    # Check for updates.
    check-update: true

    # Logging to file plugin messages.
    log-to-file: true

    # Plugin enable/disable messages in console.
    # Use %newline% placeholder.
    plugin-enable: '&6[&2Teleport&eSigns&6]&7 >&a The plugin successfully enabled&6 v2.3&a!'
    plugin-disable: '&6[&2Teleport&eSigns&6]&7 >&c The plugin successfully disabled!'

    config-version: 5
    What do these features mean in the configuration?
    Here you will find it. (Click)

    Config.yml file placeholders
    %server% - Server name
    %newline% - Adds a new line.
    Messages.yml file placeholders
    %newline% - Adds a new line.
    %command% - What you type is a command, it will write.
    %layout% - Layout name
    %layouts% = List available layouts
    %servers% = List available servers
    %prefix% - Plugin prefix
    %server% - Server name
    %perm% - Permission
    %subcmd% - Sub-command
    Layout.yml file placeholders
    %numpl% - Online players
    %maxpl% - Max players
    %motd% - Message of the day (motd).
    %displayname% - Displayname of the server.
    %isonline% - Whether the server is online or offline.
    %name% - Name of the server.
    %version% - Game version of the server.
    %address% - IP address of the server.
    %port% - Port of the server.
    %ping% - Ping delay in milliseconds.
    %cooldown% - Cooldown in seconds.

    These placeholders are not for all of the features!

    BungeeCord configuration settings
    There are at least two or more servers required in BungeeCord.
    Code (YAML):
    : <your.ip>:<serverport>
    : <your.ip>:<serverport>
    How do I know my IP address?
    If you rent the server, you must enter the IP address.
    And if it is from a home server, it must be the IP address of the current (or another) computer. (START - cmd - ipconfig - IPv4 address)

    Server IP and Port must be the same in TeleportSigns and BungeeCord configurations.
    Code (YAML):
    : "<your.ip>:<serverport>"
    : "&6[&cSurvival&6]"
    Attention!!! The server names should be same as TSigns and BungeeCord.

    Questions about plugin
    • Why is the server offline when it is started?
    There are several reasons to be offline. Read these carefully:
    - First, make sure the server is connected to BungeeCord.
    - Check and compare server IP addresses in BungeeCord and TeleportSigns configurations.
    - Verify that the server (to which you want to connect) is running.
    - Make sure you specified the correct IP in file to work.
    - Hiring a server from a service provider so the service provider cannot ensure that Gson is functioning properly for some reason.
    • Why can't I connect to the server when online?
    Check the names of the servers in the TeleportSigns and BungeeCord configurations to be the same.

    Software requirements:
    • Spigot
    • Paper
    • CraftBukkit
    • BungeeCord (to display online server)
    Minecraft 1.8.x-1.14.x server versions are supported, 1.7.x version does not work anymore.

    View full changelog: Click

    You can not download it? Here is the link to download: Click



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  1. Hotfix for version checking
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Recent Reviews

  1. AiThePotato
    Version: v2.0
    The only thing it does for me is return "/ts" in white in the chat when I try to use the commands and the signs don't work either. I am using Minecraft 1.8.9 and a 1.8 SpigotMC server with ViaServer
    1. Toldi
      Author's Response
      Problems/suggestions may reported to GitHub Issues page.
  2. CheaterSchurke
    Version: v1.9
    OMG is the best BungeeSign plugin I've seen since the other ones are 5/5 stars.!!!
  3. SplitX
    Version: v1.8
    Még az Implicite is használja ezt a plugint xddd

  4. BrunoAvixdubSB
    Version: v1.8
    plugin need bungeecord ? .
    1. Toldi
      Author's Response
      Yes. But this plugin is not working for the users, but it works for me.
  5. JuanFerGamerYT
    Version: v1.8
    I'm use the version 1.8 and have ''Error fetching data from server'' The server is online and the ip is correct :(
    1. Toldi
      Author's Response
      Does it works or no? And why 5 stars if not working?
  6. JuanFerGamerYT
    Version: v1.7
    ''Error fetching data from server''

    It has already been put on the server to which you want to send / ts checkip, I put that ip as it is there and it does not pass the data of that server :(
    1. Toldi
      Author's Response
      Uses server version 1.8?

      Did you first try to write that server on the sign that you are currently on?
  7. kebab11
    Version: v1.5
    Szerintem egész jó lenne, de 1.12.2-es verzió esetén (nálam legalábbis) nem működik. Egyik szerverhez sem lehet csatlakozni, mindegyik "offline" a plugin szerint.
    1. Toldi
      Author's Response
      Az IP megfelelő a szervereknél és a spigot.yml-ben a bungeecord true-ra van állítva?
  8. Deadlyrock
    Version: v1.5
    Great plugin but for the IP address in the config. Do you put ur own personal IP or the server you are connecting 2's ip
    1. Toldi
      Author's Response
      Thanks for the review!
      IP address 2 can not be (or I can) connect.
  9. MevaxYT
    Version: v1.4
    [20:06:16 WARN]: [TeleportSigns] [TeleportSigns] Error fetching data from server '' - Check the config file!
    [20:06:16 WARN]: [TeleportSigns] [TeleportSigns] Error fetching data from server '' - Check the config file! PLEASE HELP ME I CAN NOT CONNECT TO SERVER
    1. Toldi
      Author's Response
  10. Fade_IN
    Version: v1.4
    I love this plugin at it use to work great but now it doesn't all my servers run 1.8
    1. Toldi
      Author's Response
      Thanks for the review!
      Yes, unfortunately only 1.8 is good for this plugin.