TeleportAlias 0.1

Spigot plugin adding aliases to teleport commands in Minecraft

  1. maxnz
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    • 1.15
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    Spigot plugin adding aliases to teleport commands in Minecraft. Using the bash variable syntax, an alias can be used as a replacement for the actual coordinates. The plugin will then replace the alias with the coordinates before calling the minecraft:tp command.

    Use the teleport command just like you would normally. To use an alias, type $name instead of coordinates.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    /tp -
    Anyone who has used a terminal like bash long enough may have heard of the cd - command, which brings you back to the directory you just ran cd from. /tp - works the same way, taking you back to the last place you teleported from. /tp - only saves teleport data when you are teleported by a command. Teleportation caused by ender pearls, nether portals, etc. won't affect the location that /tp - will take you back to.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Modifying Aliases
    • /addalias alias x y z - Add a new alias
      • Requires teleportalias.addalias permission
    • /editalias alias x y z - Edit an alias
      • Requires teleportalias.editalias permission
    • /listalias - List all aliases
      • No permissions required
    • /removealias alias [alias...] - Remove an alias
      • Requires teleportalias.removealias permission
    • teleportalias.* - Grant access to all teleportalias commands
    • teleportalias.addalias - Grant ability to add new aliases
    • teleportalias.editalias - Grant ability to edit an existing alias
    • teleportalias.removealias - Grant ability to remove existing aliases
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