TeleportBow 1.4

TpBow, give urself a tpbow and teleport urself around

  1. Fixed a NullPointerException

    Fixed a stupid NullPointerException
  2. Bug Fix

    Small bug fix, Now only the teleport bow can tp u around, not other projectiles
  3. Bug Fixes | Added Stuff

    Hey there!
    I added something new to the config.yml:

    Code (Text):
      - "world_nether"
    You can now disable the plugin in certain worlds, which means that your bow and arrow will get removed once u join that disabled world :)

    And some small bug fixes not worth mentioning

    DONT /reload your server at all cost! it'll break this plugin and properly also other plugins
  4. Fixed and Added stuff

    - Fixed that you didn't get the bow when you join the server
    - Cleaned up the permissions and the commands

    - Bow is now unbreakable
    - Allowed the option to change the bow slot
    - Added an arrow
  5. 1.8.8 and higher support!

    I fixed the `1.15.2` issue. the plugin now supports all versions above 1.8.8 (1.8.8 - 1.15.2)
    Ignore authme softdepend thingy ploz, still working on it!
    Also, make sure u delete the `TPBOW` file. i recreated the plugin since i lost my files lmfao
    Allow to choose what slot ur bow will spawn in on join.
    Authme softdepend
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