TeleportPads 1.4.2

Easy-to-use teleportation plugin using pressure plates and buttons!

  1. 1.4 is here!

    1.4 is finally here! Apologies for the delay.

    NOTE: 1.4 HAS A NEW CONFIGURATION LAYOUT. You can copy most of the information however the general layout had to be changed to allow for ownership. The new file is TeleportPads.yml

    - Now tpad.create permission only functions with the /tpad create command instead of all commands.
    - New permission: tpad.reload, required to reload configuration.
    - New permission: tpad.delete, required to delete teleport pads.
    - New permission: tpad.command, required to perform /tpad and all relative commands.
    - New permission: tpad.wand, required to get the teleport wand.
    - New permission: tpad.admin, adds a button to the teleportpad GUI that lets you convert a player pad into server-owned. Player-owned pads will not have as much functionality e.g commands/cost/permissions/messages are disabled for player owned pads.
    - Pads now have ownership! Unfortunately this means the configuration has been rewritten. (Sorry!)
    - Will no longer send 'invalid material' message if you right click a block with two selections already.
    - Fixed a bug with particle menu lores.
    - Fixed a bug which prevented players from removing particle effects.
    - Numerous colour adjustments on the GUI to make it a lot prettier :)
    - VAULT SUPPORT! Cost now works! All vault economies supported ^-^
    - /tpad list will now list all teleport pads YOU have permission for. RED ones are server-owned.

    Next on my list is adding a cost to create pads, and a limit for players.
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