TeleportPads 1.4.2

Easy-to-use teleportation plugin using pressure plates and buttons!

  1. 1.4.2! Teleport pad costs and limits.

    Now added teleport pad limits and costs (for creating teleport pads)! In the configuration there will be a 'settings' section.

    Code (YAML):
    : # limit
        - default # 'default' is the standard setting.
        - my.permission
        - my.permission2 # you get the idea :)
        - my.permission3 # You can set your own limits and costs.
    : # same as above.
        - default
    # Extend as desired!
    The plugin will automatically determine the cheapest cost depending on the permissions he has. So if he has a permission that allows him to get teleport pads for $500, and another that lets him create them for $250, he will be paying $250.

    Same with limits, it will detect the permission that gives the player the highest limit of teleport pads! :)

    - A few changes to some messages
    - /tpad list now shows server pads seperately.
    - /tpad list now shows how many pads you have, and your limit.
    - /tpad create will now show you how many pads you have left after creating.

    The uploaded Jar is Java8. I know some people were having problems because the standard one was compiled with Java15, so this should make it easier for you guys I hope.
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