TeleportPads 1.4.2

Easy-to-use teleportation plugin using pressure plates and buttons!

  1. 1.4.2! Teleport pad costs and limits.

    Now added teleport pad limits and costs (for creating teleport pads)! In the configuration there will be a 'settings' section.

    Code (YAML):
    : # limit
        - default # 'default' is the standard setting.
        - my.permission
        - my.permission2 # you get the idea :)
        - my.permission3 # You can set your own limits and costs.
    : # same as above.
        - default
    # Extend as desired!
    The plugin will automatically determine the...
  2. Configuration fix!

    - Configuration file is now changed back to config.yml, sorry for any inconveniences! (The plugin will automatically re-convert it)
    - Config.yml now has lowercase keys and is not as case sensitive

    Please note that pre-1.4 configuration files will still need manually updating.
  3. 1.4 is here!

    1.4 is finally here! Apologies for the delay.

    NOTE: 1.4 HAS A NEW CONFIGURATION LAYOUT. You can copy most of the information however the general layout had to be changed to allow for ownership. The new file is TeleportPads.yml

    - Now tpad.create permission only functions with the /tpad create command instead of all commands.
    - New permission: tpad.reload, required to reload configuration.
    - New permission: tpad.delete, required to delete teleport pads.
    - New permission: tpad.command,...
  4. TeleportPads 1.3 - Particles added!

    • Added particles functionality & a few simple effects, if you'd like a specific effect let me know! Some of the effects include clouds, swirls and bubbles :)
    • Added cooldown functionality.
    • Fixed a few bugs.
  5. TeleportPads 1.2 - New GUI!

    • Fixed a bug with clearing selections and ghost pads (for real this time).
    • Remove un-neccessary mathematics.
    • Reversible teleport pads now work! Only between two plates.
    • Parent blocks are now properly removed when a pad is deleted.
    • New User Interface for Teleport Pads!
    • You can now add commands through the GUI, supports %PLAYER%
    • (to make the console run a command edit the variable 'RanBy' in configuration)
    • You can now add messages to plates, supports & colour...
  6. TeleportPads 1.1

    • Rewritten the plugin from scratch! Much neater.
    • Configuration changes, Yaw/Pitch are no longer stored. More efficient on filespace!
    • New command! /tpad reload - reloads the configuration file!
    • New alias for /tpad delete (/tpad remove)
    • Fixes to loading Teleport Pads from configuration
    • New location parser, makes the config less cluttered.
    • Fixed a bug with the selector creating 'ghost' pads!
    • Fixed a bug with...